Squeebler of the Month Competition - Win £50

We're delighted to announce our February 2018 winner as being Veronica, aged 5 and Ignatius, aged 7, from Illinois, USA. Well done both of you! Their mum sent this picture in and said "Our kids love playing Squeebles educational game so much they are pretending to fight over it."

January 2018 Winner

Our January 2018 winner was Milo, aged 8 (well done Milo!!!)

Milo's mum sent us this very creative picture of him playing our Squeebles Fractions app, along with the following message: "Milo travels 112 round trip from our home 4x per week for dialysis since losing both his kidneys to cancer. We LOVE the squeebles games and play them regularly in an attempt to keep up with all the schooling he misses. They are his favourite educational games and I am delighted they exist as it helps to teach him."

What You Have to Do

To enter, we just need you to send us an unusual, fun or quirky picture of your child or children playing any one of our Squeebles apps. We need to actually see that they're playing Squeebles - a picture of them just holding a device is not enough.

Sounds simple... but to have a chance of being selected as Squeebler of the Month, we need you to be as creative as possible with your picture. Unusual locations, strange costumes, funny faces... anything that makes your picture the most interesting Squeeble-related picture we receive that month will see you win first prize!

Stay Safe

Please be safe and sensible when taking your photos. Do not try and take pictures in locations where anyone could be hurt or where property could be damaged or the law broken in any way. Any pictures where we feel you have put yourself, other people or property at risk will not be eligible for entry. A responsible adult should always be present when the photograph is being taken.

How to Enter

There are two ways to enter.

1. By Twitter

You can post your entry on Twitter and include us @keystagefun

By entering on Twitter, you are automatically agreeing to our terms and conditions (listed below).

2. By e-mail

E-mail your entry to info@keystagefun.co.uk, with the following:

  • Your photograph (please make sure images are less than 10 MB)
  • If entering as a parent, the first name(s) and age(s) of the Squeebler(s) of the Month featured in the photo.
  • If entering as a teacher or school, the first names and ages of the pupils included OR the class / school name and year group if a whole class.
  • If entering by e-mail, please include agreement from you, the adult, to the terms and conditions listed below. This is essential and entries will not be considered without this.
  • Your country (for the sake of awarding a prize in the correct currency).

The entry should come from a parent, guardian or teacher, not directly from a child. 

The Prize

Each month we will be giving away a £50 (or $50 / €50 if our winner is from outside the UK) Amazon voucher.

Terms and Conditions
  • I, the sender of the photograph, am 18 years or older
  • KeyStageFun have my permission to include the photograph and anybody featured within it, as well as any accompanying information, online, including (but not limited to), KeyStageFun's social media accounts and the KeyStageFun website.
  • I understand that KeyStageFun will not print any surnames or addresses for any of the subjects of the photograph. Included information will be limited to first names and ages for individual entries from a parent or guardian and class names, year groups and school names for school entries from a teacher.
  • I understand that the prize as stated above can not be swapped for any other prize and that the value of the voucher will be £50, €50 or $50, depending on the location of the winner.
  • I understand the judges' decision on the winner is final and the judges will not enter into any discussion with regard to how deserving the chosen winner was.
  • The prize will be awarded within 30 days of the winner being announced and is limited to one prize per entry. Featuring two people in the photograph does not mean they both win a prize!
  • If entering as a school, the prize will be awarded to the school itself, not to any individual teacher or pupil.
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