An Interview With Ruby, Our Competition Winner

We were so impressed with the wonderful Squeeble that Ruby, our competition winner from our November 2016 "Design a Squeeble" competition, created that we wanted to find out a bit more about the newest arrival on Squeeble Island and what inspired Ruby to come up with a Squeeble with 18 eyes!!!
KeyStageFun (KSF): We love how different Eyezee is from any of the other Squeebles. How did you come up with the idea? Did it take a long time?

Ruby: I was thinking about it with my little sister and she was saying lots of different words. When she said "Eyes," it made me think of a squeeble with lots of eyes. I drew Eyezee quite quickly but it took a long time to finish colouring her.

KSF: Can you tell us a bit more about Eyezee - any other hobbies she has, or any strange or interesting stories about her?

Ruby: Once she went into a bat cave and got so scared that all her eyes popped out and her friends had to help her put them back in!

KSF: We heard you did a “Show and Share” at school about winning the competition. How did that go?

Ruby: Everyone loved my picture of Eyezee and the next day I showed it to even more people at school.

KSF: Have you always enjoyed drawing? Do you draw a lot?

Ruby: Yes I love drawing and colouring and I do it a lot.

KSF: If you were a Squeeble, which one would you be? Or if you’re not sure about that, which Squeeble do you think would be your best friend if you lived on Squeeble Island?

Ruby: I would be Ruby because we have the same name and also because she runs an ice cream parlour. My best friend would be Bitsy because she's very gentle and shy like me.

KSF: Do you know any good jokes we can tell the Squeebles? They love hearing new ones.

Ruby: Why did the Squeeble take a ladder to school? Because she wanted to go to high school!

KSF: The Squeebles have a question. They’re looking forward to meeting Eyezee and want to throw a party for when she arrives, along with the other new Squeebles. Can you tell us what her favourite flavour of ice cream is so they can make sure they have some in the freezer?

Ruby: Her favourite flavour of ice cream is orange!

Thanks for answering our questions Ruby and well done again on winning the competition! You can see all the winning entries here...
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