We get a lot of e-mail from parents and teachers all over the world. We love answering your questions, but in an attempt to make things easier for you, we've included some of the most frequently asked questions below. Please get in touch if you still aren't sure on anything...

One of your apps is asking me for a passcode to access the parent / teacher area. What is it?

You can use the override passcode, which we will tell you if you e-mail us on Once logged in, you can then reset or remove the existing code.

I have a question about your spelling app...

We have a completely dedicated set of FAQ's for our spelling app, which can be found here. They cover subjects like sharing tests between devices, logging into your KeyStageFun account, internet connection issues and plenty more.

I bought your app on iPad but I'd like to also have it on my child's Android device without having to pay for it again. Can I do this?

Okay - this is a slightly complex question, so bear with us. We sell through several different online app stores and for a multitude of device types. Here are the key facts:


If you purchased one of our apps via Apple, you can load it onto several other Apple devices free of charge either using the same iTunes account or by using Family Sharing (more details here). You cannot load an app purchased via Apple onto an Android device. They run totally different file types and Android devices use different app stores (Google Play, Amazon etc.) who understandably aren't going to give you a free copy of a piece of software you bought via a different app store. In old-school language, think of it like CDs and records. You don't get a free copy of a CD just because you own the record.

Some of our apps are also available for Mac - even though these are still via Apple, you do have to pay again for the Mac version, even if you own the iOS version. Again - it's a completely different file type / piece of software and is sold via the Mac App Store, which is completely different from the iOS App Store. This is the same for all developers and not something we have any control over.

Android / Kindle (Google / Amazon)

As per the above, you can load any purchase from Google's Play store onto a limited number of Android devices, but you can't load your Google Play purchases onto an Apple device. The exact same goes for Amazon purchases.

What does my child have to do to earn every single Squeeble on your Times Tables 2 app?

For most of our apps, different tasks have to be completed to earn all the Squeebles, but we get asked more often about this app than any other. Here is the breakdown of how you earn all the Squeebles within Squeebles Times Tables 2. Please e-mail us if you'd like the same information for any of our other apps.

  • In Tables 1 - 12 mode you earn one Squeeble for completing each of the tables sets with 100% correct answers (which equals 12 Squeebles)
  • There are then 6 Squeebles to earn in each of the following game modes: Mix it Up, Fill the Gap, Challenge. One is awarded for getting full marks the following number of times: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 55 (totalling 18 more Squeebles)
  • There are 5 Squeebles to be earned in both the Extreme Tables and Word Problems modes, by getting full marks the following number of times: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50

This totals 40 Squeebles in all. They are awarded randomly, so no 2 children will earn the exact same characters in the exact same order or for completing the same tasks.

I have a great idea for improving one of your apps. Will you consider it?

Please let us know if there is anything you think we could improve on. A lot of the additions we've made to our apps are a direct result of feedback from the teachers, parents and children who use our apps. We can't promise we'll include your suggestion, but if we think it's a practical one, we probably will.

All Our Educational Games: Price * iPhone / iPad Mac OSX Android Kindle Fire
Squeebles: Complete Bundle (10 apps) £19.99 **
Squeebles: Times Tables 2 £2.99
Squeebles: Spelling Test £2.99
Squeebles: Punctuation £2.99
Squeebles: Tell the Time £2.99
Squeebles: Flip Multiplication £2.99
Squeebles: Maths Race £2.99
Squeebles: Maths Bingo £1.99
Squeebles: Word Search £2.99
Squeebles: Division 2 £2.99
Squeebles: Addition & Subtraction £2.99
Squeebles: Fractions £1.99

* Prices may vary slightly depending on device / App Store.
** Bundle prices represent approximately a 25% discount on the price of the same apps bought individually.