Design a T-Shirt - The Winners!

We're really excited to announce the winner of our 'Design a T-shirt & Win a Kindle Fire' competition. The entries were just fantastic and it was so difficult to narrow it down to just one winning entry. Whizz and the other Squeebles were just as confused as we were, but eventually a unanimous decision was made on our three favourites...but it took a further 24 hours of head scratching and (figurative!) strokey beard moments to choose just one winner.

The Winner - Eliana, aged 6!

So, after much deliberation, we're delighted to introduce you to the artwork of Eliana, whose artistic talent, at just six years old, left us completely amazed! We really love that she included so many elements from the different Squeebles apps and we could see instantly how fantastic her design would look on a t-shirt.

Squeebles Addition and Subtraction

Eliana chose to create a scene around Lex's party, who looks to be celebrating her sixth birthday (so she's exactly the same age as Eliana herself!). Lex can be seen arriving in style in a Bubble-ball - we absolutely love her mode of birthday transport, what a brilliant idea! Propelled off the tail of the Flipfish, the birthday girl looks like she's about to land alongside Ruby, Mud and Trig for some cake and ice-cream...hopefully not actually in the cake and ice-cream!

Eliana, thank you so much for coming up with such a wonderful t-shirt design for us - we feel honoured to have it in our shop! Eliana's Kindle HD has already been despatched to her and her t-shirt design is soon to be printed!

If you'd like to buy your very own Eliana-designed 'Lex's Party' T-shirt, you can find more details here.

Our Other Favourites

We thought we'd share a few of our other favourites that caused us such hand-wringing when deciding on our winner. 

Lex and the Strawberry Ice Cream
By Daniel - aged 8

Daniel's Mum told us:
Daniel has designed a T-shirt with Lex eating an ice-cream in the summer sun! Lex is Daniel’s favourite squeeble and because Lex’s favourite food is Ice cream and Lex loves eating strawberries and cream, Daniel decided to create the best of both worlds and so Lex is eating a strawberry ice cream for the T-shirt design.
What we loved: Daniel's design is simple, but really effective. The bright colours he's used and the delicious-looking strawberry ice-cream would have made this a perfect t-shirt for the summer...or even for winter when you'd prefer it to be summer. Thank you for submitting a wonderful entry, Daniel. 

A Brand New Squeeble, Tip Top,
By Nathaniel, aged 8

Nathaniel said:
This is Tip Top. Tip Top is a Little Mountain Squeeble who likes skiing, climbing and playing hide and seek with Leefee.
What we loved: A mountain! What an amazing idea for a Squeeble - we love it! We think from the surname of the entrant and the fact that Tip Top likes playing with Leefee, that this entry may have come from the brother of one of our previous competition winners who actually designed Leefee (who now appears in our division app). What an incredibly talented family! We're really impressed with your ideas and we love that Tip Top even has feet that look a bit like skis! He's just perfect, Nathaniel. 

A Whole Wardrobe of Squeeble T-Shirts, By Rupert, aged 6

Rupert's Designs: Rupert actually sent us several pages of t-shirt ideas! These are some of our favourites. 
What we loved: We especially love the t-shirt designs where a character is shown coming onto the t-shirt from the side-seams - that would make an awesome t-shirt! We also loved the expression on the Maths Monster's face (top right) - he looks really fed up, but not tooooo scary, which is just the way we like him to look! What brilliant designs, Rupert!


Mandelli, the Symbol of Peace
By Katy, Aged 10

Katy wrote: Mandelli everyday tries to instil peace and tranquility into the Maths Monster.  We were bowled over by this idea -

What we loved: We loved imagining Mandelli trying to reason with the querulous Maths Monster. Katy's whole concept - from the 'peace symbol' shape of her Squeeble, to the carefully chosen name, Mandelli - made us feel that she'd designed a really brilliant, well thought-out Squeeble. Brilliant work, Katy!
Spikey who Likes Playing Knights
By Zachary, Aged 9

Zachary wrote:
Spikey and Joh love playing knights. They defend their castle from cats. 

What we loved: We didn't even know there was a castle on Squeeble Island, so we're delighted to find that it's hidden away somewhere awaiting discovery! Zachary's brother and sister, Alexander and Hannah, also sent in some brilliant entries - well done to the whole family - we think you're really talented artists and we loved your wonderful use of words. Thank you for your spikey artwork, Zachary! 

Mac the Pasta-Eating Squeeble
By Finn, Aged 6

Finn's Mum shared these vital details with us:
 Name: Mac.
Likes: popping balloons with his horns! 
Fav food: pasta!
Mac is a soft, fury, cuddly squeeble. He is cheeky and fun. He is always playing tricks on his squeeble friends and his favourite number is 100!
What we loved: You can't really NOT love a Squeeble with a face like Mac's, can you?! We love your design, Finn and we also love that Mac likes really big numbers! 


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