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Our latest multiplication app "Squeebles Times Tables Connect" features five new educational games, multiple game modes and question types, a completely new reward system and plenty of your favourite (and some new) Squeebles characters to keep your children entertained and motivated whilst they learn and improve their multiplication skills and prepare for the Multiplication Tables Check at the end of year 4 (UK).

Your children can now sign into their profile on any device the app is installed on, with their progress being saved to their profile as they work. You can set homework, add new child accounts, update settings and view stats and results remotely from your parent / teacher admin area. Schools and tutors can also purchase the app on behalf of their pupils. 

(includes a full 7 day free trial)

For: iPad | iPhone | Android | Web



6 Game Modes

The six game modes allow your child to be tested in the following ways:

  • Tables 1 - 12: answer questions across all the basic tables "sets" from the ones to the twelves.
  • Tricky Tables: whenever a question is answered incorrectly, it gets saved. So, at any time, your child can be tested on the tables they have found most difficult. You can update the number of times they need to answer each question correctly before it's removed from this area.
  • Mix it Up: a completely random set of 12 questions from all the tables sets is asked (parents and teachers can set certain questions not to appear to personalise the test for each child). Once your child is confident answering questions from each of the tables sets individually, this type of quiz can be used to consolidate their knowledge.
  • Extreme Tables: parents had previously requested we include the 13, 14 and 15 times tables in the app, so this game mode tests children on those "extreme" tables.
  • Assignments / Homework: whether you're a parent, tutor, or teacher, you can set assignments for your children to attempt. Pass marks, pass times and a completion date can all be set (or not) and you can include either a whole table set, or specific questions chosen by you. The type of question can be set too, so as to include regular multiplication questions, word questions or "Fill the Gap" type questions.
  • Step-by-Step Training: in this mode, children are introduced to one times table question at a time and only move on to learning the next one once they can answer it with confidence, along with any other questions from that particular times tables set your child may have already successfully memorised. Because memorising tables is a necessarily repetitive task, we've added a fun 'brain break' game within the training mode, involving a friendly purple frog, so children feel motivated and enthusiastic to continue to learn.

4 Question Types

Your children can choose to answer questions in one of four different question "types"...

  • "Normal" questions use the traditional format for asking a multiplication question, for example 3 x 6 = ?
  • "Fill the Gap" questions give the answer, but ask for one of the first two numbers, for example 3 x ? = 18
  • "Word" questions are asked as a sentence, or short paragraph. E.g: "If three cats each have 6 toys, how many toys do the cats have in total?"
  • "Mixture" randomly chooses one of the above options for each question.

5 Games

The above game modes and question types can be explored via 5 different games, each with a different theme (screen shots above)...

  • Bug Race - answer multiplication questions to speed your Squeeble along in their bug car, racing against one of four increasingly challenging opponents. Can you beat the Maths Monster to the finish line?
  • Number Cave - spin the number wheel to get the correct answer to the Maths Monster's most fiendishly difficult questions.
  • Chocolate Challenge - balance the chocolate factory's see-saw by dragging on the correct answers to the multiplication questions and unlocking the chocolate machine. Help Whizz stop the Maths Monster stealing all the chocolate!
  • Lilypad Leap - help Brian the Frog cross the river by getting times tables questions correct. Watch out for the beastly crocodile hiding under the water's surface!
  • A Very Serious Test - no messing around and no distractions. Just multiplication questions. Great for a time challenge or if your child prefers a more straightforward approach to learning.

All of those game modes, question types and games give us a lot of possible ways of asking and answering times tables questions.

The Reward System

There are 35 Squeebles to collect and these are earned by reaching various milestones within the app. A breakdown of how you win each Squeebles can be found here.

By doing well in their times tables, children can earn turns on the River Rapids mini-game, stars to trade for increasingly wonderful boats, as well as power-ups to help them fly faster and farther in their magical vessel.

Here are some screen shots of the River Rapids game...

... and the Squeebles...


Parent / Teacher Zone

Your account gives you (and any other adult you allow access to) a unique login to access the parent / teacher zone within the app. This allows you to:

  • Set children up with their own logins that they can use on any device where the app is installed.
  • Manage your children's accounts, including personalising their settings to suit them, their learning stage and confidence level.
  • Lock whole table "sets" or individual questions for each child, so they are attempting the questions that suit their learning level and challenge them to keep developing their knowledge.
  • Set assignments or homework specific to each child and receive their work back once they've completed it.
  • View results of all times tables quizzes your children attempt, with full stats and a breakdown for each question so you can see where they are being successful and where they might be struggling.
  • Monitor each child's overall progress over time.
  • Set up classes or groups (school / tutor accounts only) so assignments can be set for groups of children. School accounts also allow the addition of multiple teachers, who can be assigned to specific classes, with access to set assignments for their own classes.
  • Manage your subscription and profile.

Here are some screen shots showing the parent / teacher area taken from a school account (wording and features change for tutor / family accounts)...



See our pricing page for a full breakdown of each subscription type and how they compare. Subscriptions are paid directly via the store you used to purchase the app and are paid either a monthly or annually. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, either via the app, or via your store account.

All subscriptions come with a fully-featured, 7 day free trial, during which time you can cancel without being charged at any point.

Download The App

You can download the app for Apple iOS, Mac and Android devices using these links:

  • Download for Apple iOS from the Apple App Store (requires iOS version 12.0 or above)
  • Download for Android from the Google Play Store (requires a device running Android version 12.0 or above)
  • Download for Apple Mac from the Apple App Store (requires MacOS version 11.0 or above and a device with an Apple M1 chip or later)
Once you've downloaded and installed the app, you can sign up for an account and take out a subscription via the app. Details & support can be found here...


Play Online in Your Web Browser

As of February 2023, your children can now use the app online via a web browser, on PC, Mac and Chromebook. Most recent browsers will work, including Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. We recommend using the most recent browser your device will support. Some older browsers / devices may not have the capability to run the web app smoothly.
Please note: At the moment, you cannot take out a subscription via the web version of the app, so until that is possible, you will need to download the app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play and take your subscription out via one of those platforms.