Squeebles Times Tables Connect - Pricing & FAQ

The Squeebles Times Tables Connect app itself is free to download and can be installed on as many devices as you like.

If you sign up for an subscription, you also get a free, fully functional 7 day trial automatically, during which you can cancel at any time, without being charged.

To access the app, a child needs a login, which you can purchase for them from within the app, using your Apple or Google Play account. Pricing is listed below and covers family, tutor, and school accounts. You can opt to pay monthly, or annually (*). If you pay annually, you get a discount that roughly equates to 2 free months.

Account Type Number of Children Monthly Cost Annual Cost Free Trial
Small Family Up to 3 £1.99 £19.99 7 days
Large Family Up to 6 £3.99 £39.99 7 days
Tutor (Small) Up to 15 £9.99 £99.99 7 days
Tutor (Large) Up to 30 £19.99 £199.99 7 days
Single Class Up to 35 £11.99 £119.99 7 days
Small School Up to 100 £24.99 £249.99 7 days
Medium School Up to 200 £39.99 £399.99 * 7 days
Large School Up to 300 £49.99 £499.99 * 7 days
Extra Large School Up to 400 £59.99 £599.99 * 7 days

* If purchasing for Android via the Google Play Store, the yearly cost for Medium, Large and Extra Large School accounts is paid in two 6-monthly instalments.

** This pricing is for Squeebles Times Tables Connect only. Our other apps (any released prior to 2023) are priced differently. Please see the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store for current pricing on those.

Subscription FAQs

Q: How does the free trial work? When you download the app and sign up for your chosen subscription, you are not charged immediately. Your free 7 day trial will begin straight away, but if you cancel your subscription (either via the app, or directly via your store account) before the trial has finished, you will not be charged.
Q: Can schools or tutors pay for the app on behalf of their pupils, so they can use it at home? Yes. If you sign up for a school or tutor account, you can set your students up with their own logins. They can download the app free of charge and sign in with their login details. You are limited to the number of children your chosen account type allows.
Q: Can licences be switched between children? If you completely delete a child's account, then their licence is freed up and you can assign it to another child. However, deleting a child's account wipes all their progress and stats, so you can't keep switching licences back and forth between children. In this scenario you should purchase an account with enough licences to cover the number of children you want to use the app.
Q: Can I upgrade / downgrade my account easily? Yes, absolutely. The exact process for doing this depends on the store you bought the subscription from, but you can easily change to a different tier of subscription either via the app itself (if you are the person who pays the subscription), or via your device's "Settings". If you upgrade, you will get access to the new level of subscription and any associated features immediately. If you downgrade, because you have paid in advance for the existing subscription, you will retain access to that old level of subscription until the next billing date, at which point, your subscription will be downgraded. If you downgrade to a subscription with fewer licences than the number of children currently registered to your account, you will be given the choice of which child accounts you would like to retain, next time you sign in.
Q: Can I cancel my subscription? Of course. If you decide you no longer need your subscription, you can cancel it either via the app, or via your device's "Settings". Subscriptions are paid in advance for the period you have subscribed for, so you will retain access to the app until the next billing date, at which point your account will automatically be blocked until you re-subscribe. Make sure you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the next billing cycle starting, to be sure the cancellation definitely gets processed in time.
Q: Can you delete my account completely? As standard, we keep expired accounts that previously had a full subscription for up to 1 year in case you decide to re-subscribe, but we can delete your data and account completely if you request this, via e-mail, from the e-mail address associated with your account. Obviously if you decide to start using the app again, you will need to re-register. We cannot cancel your actual subscription payments from here, as that is handled by whichever store you subscribed from originally (either the Apple App Store or Google Play). You need to do this yourself, either via the app, or via your store account.
Q: I have a billing issue with the Apple App Store / Google Play. What will happen to my account? We recognise that these things happen, so we have implemented what the various app stores refer to as a "Billing Grace Period". This means that if your credit card has expired, or there weren't enough funds on the card, you should receive an e-mail telling you about the issue, but your account will not be blocked immediately. You will have a few days to rectify the issue before the store tries to take the payment again and your account will only be suspended if the issue has not been resolved at that point. Please note that we have no access to your store account or payment processing, so we can't resolve these issues for you - it must be done by you, via the store itself.
Q: Why are you charging a monthly subscription when some of your previous apps were one-off purchases? Our previous apps were self-contained, simple apps. They operated on one device and saved all data and progress to that device. This meant that when you got a new device, or if you had multiple devices, children had to keep starting at the beginning on each new device they used, instead of being able to pick up where they had left off. It also meant, amongst other things, that homework could not be set and progress could not be easily fed back to parents or teachers. By launching our apps in this new, "Connect" form, we have solved all those issues, but the costs for us to run a system like this are a lot higher. We have server costs, development costs and support costs that go far beyond what would be required for a simple app that couldn't do all the things we mention above. We've tried to keep our costs as low as we possibly can, particularly at the moment, and we think what we're offering is great value for money. We are committed to doing everything we can to make our apps affordable for anyone who wants to use them.
Q: Why are you charging more for a tutor account for 30 students than for a school "class" account for 35 students? We try to keep our prices as low as we feasibly can for everyone, but many schools are underfunded, with increasingly stretched budgets. As such, we do everything we can to decrease the cost even more for them.

If you have any questions about any of our apps that aren't answered on our website, feel free to e-mail us on info@keystagefun.co.uk