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About This Support Section:

We've split this support section into two distinct parts, mirroring the different sections of the app. The "Parents / Tutors / Teachers" section covers downloading and installing the app, as well as the Parent / Teacher Zone, where you manage your account, view your children's progress and set assignments. The "Children" section deals with the side of the app your children will experience, where they play times tables games, do their homework, earn rewards and progress through their learning. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, you can e-mail us on info@keystagefun.co.uk

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Depending on your account type (family, tutor or school), there may be minor differences between the available features. We've used screenshots from a school account to illustrate some points, but have noted where functionality may differ for family or tutor accounts.

Getting Started:

Managing Your Account:

For Children:

Please note: throughout this support section, we use terminology that within the app, will change slightly depending on your account type (family, tutor or school). Most notably, children are referred to as children in a family account, students in a tutor account and pupils in a school account. For the sake of not having to keep clarifying this, we have picked "children" and stuck with it in the above articles. It may be that some screen shots taken from tutor or school accounts display the relevant alternative.