Parent / Teacher Zone

The Parent / Teacher Zone is the command centre where you manage everything to do with your account. You can sign in to this section on any device that the app is installed on.

Logging In

The parent / teacher login screen will usually be the first screen you see when the app launches (unless the last person using the app signed into the children's area, in which case the app will default to the child login screen, which includes a button at the top to revert to the parent / teacher login screen instead).

This is what the adult login screen looks like (left). Both your username and password are case sensitive.

Forgotten Login Details

If you have forgotten either (or both), use the pink "Forgot ?" button in the bottom left and enter the e-mail address you used when you registered your account (right) to have your username e-mailed to you, along with a link to reset your password.

What's in the Parent / Teacher Zone?

The Parent / Teacher Zone contains the following sections:

  • Children - view, manage and add child accounts, as well as view stats and progress for each of your children.
  • Parents / Teachers (family and school accounts only) - view, manage and add accounts for other parents or teachers who you want to have access to your account.
  • Classes / Groups (tutor and school accounts only) - view, manage and add classes or groups so you can organise your account more effectively and set assignments to groups of children in one go.
  • High Scores - view your children's points totals in the context of the overall high score tables.
  • Assignments - set assignments / homework for your children and view the results of assignments you have set them.
  • Manage your own account and (if you pay the subscription via your store account) manage your subscription.
The exact content you see will change slightly depending on the type of account you have (family, tutor or school), but the majority of the functionality is the same throughout.