Extra Adult Accounts


Family and school accounts can add extra adult logins, allowing another parent (family accounts) or teacher (school accounts) access to your account, so they can view progress, set assignments and manage the account.

In family accounts it's pretty simple - you add another parent, who has exactly the same access privileges you do. The only difference is that they cannot manage the subscription payments associated with the app - that is down to the Treasurer (see below).

In school accounts, it's slightly more complex. Schools can set up staff with one of two different access levels (more on this below in the "School Access Levels" section) allowing staff to see only the content that is relevant to them and making large accounts easier to manage.

Tutor accounts can only have one adult associated with the account (the account owner).

Please note: school accounts cannot currently add any access for parents to view their children's progress. Parents who would like to see how their children are getting on as part of their school account can sign in as their child and view the "My Profile" page for an overview. We are looking at adding this functionality in the future however and you can expect to see this during 2023 at some stage.

The Parents (or Teachers) Overview Page

To access the parent / teacher overview page, tap the Parents (or Teachers) button in the main menu whilst logged into the Parent / Teacher Zone. This should take you to the page shown below, left, where you can view / manage a list of all existing adult accounts, we well as add new adults to your account.

Adding New Parents / Teachers

Adding a new parent or teacher account is simple. Here's how it works...

Step 1: Tap the "Add New +" button in the top right of the Parent / Teacher Overview page. This should take you to the page shown above, right (for school accounts you will see an interim page asking you what type of account you are creating).

Step 2: Fill in the following information:

  • First name & surname - pupils in school accounts will see the surname of a teacher who has set them homework.
  • Title (school accounts only) - pupils will see this if the teacher has set them homework.
  • Username - choose a unique username for this teacher.
  • E-mail - the e-mail address of the adult in question. For schools, we recommend using a school e-mail address where you have one.
  • Classes / groups (school accounts only) - which classes / groups is this teacher assigned to?
  • Access level (school accounts only) - see School Access Levels below.

Step 3: Tap the "Save >" button to save the new account.

Step 4: The parent or teacher you have just added will need to verify their account and set a password of their choice before they can use their account. They should receive a verification e-mail to the e-mail address you entered whilst registering them. They should click the link in that e-mail and complete the verification process from there.

Note: If they do not receive the e-mail, ask them to check their junk e-mail folder. If they still haven't received it after 20 minutes or so, you can resend the e-mail from the Parent / Teacher Overview page, next to their name in the list.

School Access Levels

For school accounts with large numbers of children, we are very aware that having every teacher see every pupil's data come up each time they log in makes it much harder to find what they're really after. Because of this, we have created two access levels for school staff. These are explained below...

Level 1: Full Access

Full Access staff can see everything and do almost anything with regard to managing your account.

They have access to all pupil accounts, all assignments (and results of those assignments) that have been set by any teacher, all other staff accounts and all classes / groups that have been set up.

They can also create new pupil accounts, new classes / groups, new teacher accounts for staff and new assignments for any children.

They basically have full admin privileges to view, edit, add or delete any content from your account. As such, we would recommend only giving this level of access to a small number of senior staff.

Level 2: Teacher Access

This is the access level you will want to bestow upon the vast majority of your staff. It allows the user to do the following:

  • View pupil data, progress and stats for pupils that are in classes they are assigned to. They cannot view any data for children who are not in their classes / groups, or add new pupils. That must be done by a Full Access user.
  • View their own classes and create their own groups. They cannot create full classes.
  • View all other teachers in the account. They cannot add new teacher accounts, or edit other teachers' details.
  • Edit their own password.
  • Create new assignments for their own pupils only, as well as view assignments (and assignment results) that their own pupils have been set by others. They cannot edit assignments created by other people, only those they created themselves.

The "Treasurer"

One person is designated as the account "Treasurer". In a family or tutor account this will be pretty simple, but in school accounts with lots of different members of staff, it could get a little more complicated.

The Treasurer is in charge of paying the monthly subscription and this will usually be the person who originally set the account up and should always be someone with access to the store ID that's being used to pay the subscription charges.

You can change who the treasurer is, but they MUST be someone who has the login credentials for the store account the subscription is linked to. If not, they will be unable to manage the subscription associated with the account... and this might break the internet and cause a global disaster. Or not... but it will definitely be a pain.

Editing / Deleting a Parent / Teacher Account

If you have the necessary access to do so, you can edit or delete a parent / teacher account by tapping the relevant button next to that person's name on the Parent / Teacher Overview page.

Remember that deletion of adult accounts is a 2-step process. See this page for more information on our 2-step deletion process and how it works.