Child Stats & Progress

The app provides you with plenty of information about your children's progress with their times tables. To access a child's stats / progress, tap the "Stats" button next to their name on the Children Overview screen. This takes you to the Stats Overview screen.

The Stats Overview Screen 

This screen (shown below, left), as the name suggests, gives you an overview of a child's overall progress and the most recent times tables tests and assignments they've attempted. Stats can be filtered by date using the dropdown list at the top of the page. The following summary information is available:

  • Questions: shows both the total number of questions answered and the number your child has answered correctly.
  • Percentage: how the above equates percentage-wise
  • Points: the total number of points your child has scored. Points are awarded at a rate of 10 per correct answer and it is these points that the high score tables are based on.
There are also two larger boxes that show the most recent scores your child has got, both in any game mode (pink, left) and specifically for any assignments you may have set them (green, right).
Listing Test Attempts & Individual Answers

Tapping the "View All >" button at the foot of the pink "All Tests" box on the Stats Overview screen takes you to a page that lists all the test attempts your child has made (within the selected filtering criteria). This screen is shown above, right.

You can filter by score, game mode and date and can then drill down to view the answers your child gave to each individual question within a given test attempt by tapping the pink "Summary >" button next to that attempt.

Use the next / previous buttons in the bottom right to scroll through all the available records. Over time this list may become quite long - use the date filtering to return fewer results.

Homework & Assignments

The green "Assignments" box on the Stats Overview page can be used to directly access the list of attempts that child has made at each assignment you have set them. This information can also be accessed via the assignments tab at the top of the page.