Classes & Groups

The Classes / Groups Overview Page

Please note: this feature is not included in family accounts and is available for tutor and school accounts only.

To access the classes / groups feature, tap the Classes (school) or Groups (tutors) button in the main menu of the Parent / Teacher Zone. This will take you to the classes overview page (below, left). From here you can search for classes or groups by name, edit or delete existing classes / groups and add new classes or groups.

Adding New Classes / Groups

Adding a new class or group is simple. Here's how you do it...

Step 1: Tap the "Add New +" button in top right of the classes / groups overview page. This will take you to the page shown above, right. Please note that for tutor accounts, there is only the option to create a group (not a class) and there will be no "Teachers" field to fill in.

Step 2: Fill in the following information:

  • Class / Group Name - the name of your class or group (pupils will see this).
  • Class or Group (school accounts only) - whether this is a class or a group. They don't "behave" any differently in terms of what they do, but for your own benefit when managing your account, it can help to know if this is a class or group.
  • Teachers (school accounts only) - the teachers who should have access to manage this class or group (including viewing the pupil accounts of any children in the class or group, as well as setting assignments for them and viewing their results and scores).
  • Pupils - the pupils who are in this class or group.

Step 3: Tap the "Save >" button to complete the process.

Editing Classes / Groups

On the classes / groups overview page, simply tap the "Edit" button next to the class / group you wish to edit.

Deleting Clases / Groups

As with child accounts, deleting classes and groups is a 2-step process. Have a look at our 2-step deletion process page that explains how this works and why.

To access the deletion process for a class or group, on the classes / groups overview page, tap the "Delete" button next to the class / group you wish to delete.