Privacy, Data and Account Deletion

Your Data

Our full privacy policy can be found at and this includes a section on our Squeebles Connect apps. In short...

  • we only store the data that is absolutely necessary for the functioning of the app you have signed up for;
  • your data is stored securely and is encrypted in transit using SSL and industry standard encryption methods;
  • your data will NEVER be shared for marketing purposes, or used by us for marketing directly to you (unless you have actively signed up to our mailing list);
  • we treat your data with the respect we would expect other people to treat ours
  • you may, at any time, write to us for more information or to request deletion of your account and associated data (see below).

Deleting Your Account

You can request your Squeebles Connect account is deleted at any time by following the below steps...

  • Send an e-mail to from the main e-mail address linked to your account, copying in (if different) the e-mail address of the account's "Treasurer".
  • We will then reply and request confirmation that you would like us to action a full account deletion.
  • Once we have had a response from you (and, if different, the Treasurer) then we will action a full account deletion.
  • If you have subscribed to the app via either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, then you will also need to cancel your subscription payments with them. This can be done by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Once an account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered and all data, including children's stats, progress and homework results, will be permanently lost.

Note: you can cancel a subscription and stop paying, without having your entire account deleted, meaning you can pause a subscription and continue it at a later date. However, we will periodically delete unused accounts, so you will need to let us know if you actively don't want us to remove a dormant account if you stop your subscription.

Deleting Child Accounts

Individual child accounts can be deleted very easily via the app itself. Just log in to the parent / teacher area and tap the Delete button next to the child whose account you would like to delete.