Design a Squeeble Competition - The Winners

Overall Winner - Eyezee, by Ruby, age 7

What can we say!? Ruby's design was one of our all-time favourites and the wackiness of a Squeeble with 18 eyes that could all look in different directions was particularly appealing. A worthy winner! Now we just have to animate all those eyes! Read Ruby's interview here...

Age: 18
Favourite food: Chocolate eyes
Hobby: Playing "Match the Eyes" and "Find the Odd Eye Out" with her friends.
Interesting fact: She gets a new eye every birthday (she has 18 eyes now because she's 18).

Our New Baddie - by Ava, age 7

The Maths Monster was the original Squeeble baddie and ever since we've been searching for a character to match his levels of dastardliness. We think we've found one here. Ava's fantastic 2196 year old ghost with fiery hair is going to terrify the Squeebles for many years...

Age: 2196
Favourite food: Jelly and lightning
Hobby: Going right through people and scaring them!
Interesting fact: When he's angry he makes a bonfire, when he's sad he creates a flood and when he's cheeky he likes to swallow buildings and shoot them out of his tummy!?!?!?

Runner Up - Fizz, by Tilda, age 9

Tilda's wonderfully colourful Squeeble looks like it was inspired by a tropical fish and from the description she gave, Fizz definitely loves the ocean. Tilda has used fluorescent pens to give Fizz a really bright look that immediately stands out. Well done!

Age: 3
Favourite Food: Cheese and pickle
Hobby: Sailing to be close to her fishy friends.
Interesting fact: Fizz can live underwater and in air. She loves to visit her friends under water.


Runner Up - Diomo, by Imogen, age 9

Everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their life and this diamond-shaped Squeeble by Imogen will give the rest of the Squeebles exactly that. We loved that her favourite food was the sap of the Sapphire Bong Bong tree. We think we saw that tree on a nature documentary once...

Age: 3.5 million
Favourite food: The sap of the Sapphire Bong Bong tree
Hobby: Flying up into the sky and looking back down at the world.
Interesting fact: If you tap her nose she glows.

Runner Up - Gobbles, by Tessa, age 7

Things we loved about Gobbles... he's bright pink. He looks like he's wearing two party hats. He has curly spikes on his head. And his hobby is "carrying vegetables", which is one of our favourite things to do too!!! Well done Tessa - your drawing is awesome!

Age: 16
Favourite food: Frozen peas
Hobby: Carrying vegetables
Interesting fact: He eats everything in sight!



Some Of Our Other Favourites

Judging a competition like this is incredibly difficult. There were so many entries that could have won - some beautiful drawings, fantastically quirky descriptions and brilliant ideas from creative children everywhere. The entries we picked as the winners combined an interesting idea for a character with a certain "Squeebleiness" that fit with the idea we have for our next app. If we could have picked more winners then we would have done. Below are some of the other designs we particularly loved. If your design isn't listed here or if you didn't win, please don't be sad - we had hundreds and hundreds of entries and they were all lovely, but putting them all here would have taken so long we wouldn't have time to make any more Squeebles apps! Thank you to everyone who entered and keep drawing - next time it might be you who wins!

Shoot, by Sam, age 8

Shoot was one of our favourite entries. We loved the idea that he was like a little seed waiting to grow into a big tree. Here are the facts you need to know about Shoot:

Age: 8
Hobby: Skateboarding
Favourite food: Mint choc chip ice cream
Interesting fact: Shoot likes dreaming about being the tallest tree in the world and seeing above the clouds!

Booksy, by Alexia, age 8

Alexia's drawing is absolutely beautiful and she obviously put a lot of thought into her Squeeble. Fantastic colours and a great description. Plus, we love books, so we were always going to like this Squeeble.

Age: 11
Favourite food: Yorkshire Pudding
Hobby: Cartwheeling
Interesting fact: She once cartwheeled for five hours without stopping!

Disco, by Theo, age 7

The idea of a dancing, colour-changing Squeeble eating tomato and chocolate at the disco is just fantastic. Well done Theo - great imagination.

Age: 7
Favourite food: Tomato and chocolate
Hobby: Dancing
Interesting fact: when he is in the dark he can change colour every minute like a disco light

Landon, by Hannah, age 10

Hannah entered 5 Squeebles into our competition and all of them were fantastic. This was our favourite though...

Age: 100
Favourite food: Rice
Hobby: Visiting places around the world
Interesting fact: Landon can name every place in the world. He can also draw a map of the world blindfolded.


Eggie, by Lucia, age 4

Wow - this drawing by Lucia, who is just 4 years old, is fantastic. What a happy looking Squeeble with bags of personality.

Age: unknown
Favourite food: Worm cake
Hobby: Ice skating on frozen Lake Squeeble in Winter
Interesting facts: Eggie likes to show off his flying skills, especially loop de loop. He can change colour, which shows his moods.

Zipper, by Ruben, age 9

Zipper loves zip-lining. And Zucchini pudding! We liked how colourful Ruben's drawing was and that Zipper was such an active Squeeble!

Age: 12
Favourite food: Zucchini pudding
Hobby: Zip-lining
Interesting fact: He zip-lines so fast you cannot see him go by.


Rio, by Ilse, age 5

This is quite fantastic. Ilse's beautiful drawing has been decorated with stars and jewels to make Rio one of the most colourful and exciting Squeebles we've ever seen.

Age: 6
Favourite food: broccoli
Hobby: Taekwondo
Interesting Fact: Rio gives flying lessons to other squeebles.

Kittylove, by Amelie, age 10

We think Amelie might like cats. Just a guess. Her Squeeble is a magnificent creature, with a heart shaped body and three cats floating like balloons out of her head! Brilliant!

Age: 10
Favourite food: Gingerbread men, tea and pink milk
Hobby: Helping, looking after, understanding and saving cats!
Interesting fact: Kittylove loves to make gingerbread men for all the squeebles, when she is not working, so sometimes she makes so much gingerbread her house smells of it for days!!!

Teo, by Callum, age 7

We thought Callum's Squeeble had a bit of a pineapple look about him and with hobbies like playing bubble-ball and flip-fish, he'll fit right in with the other Squeebles.

Age: 21
Favourite food: Coconut
Hobbies: Bubble-ball and flip-fish
Interesting fact: He ran around the world in 5 minutes.


Fishy, by Rex, age 5

Rex's drawing leaped out of the page at us - colourful, full of character and seemingly roaring with joy. "Raaaagghhh". Outstanding!

Age: 1
Favourite food: leaves
Hobby: swimming
Interesting fact: He is a fish and when someone drops something in the pond he changes shape.

Maple, by Charlotte, age 8

This beautiful maple leaf by Charlotte is coloured so nicely - fantastic shading and colours and a lovely, smiling Squeeble as well. Well done!

Age: 12
Favourite food: seeds
Hobby: Maple likes dancing in the wind
Interesting fact: Maple is a champion at hide and seek.

Ringing, by Seb, age 6

A hungry Squeeble by the sounds of it, with a sweet tooth. We'll have to watch out for Ringing stealing our mid-morning doughnuts...

Age: 3
Favourite food: Doughnuts
Hobby: Fishing for doughnuts
Interesting fact: He likes hitting balls!


Icee, by Rebecca, age 8

With winter fast approaching we were given a taste of snow and ice from Rebecca, with her wonderful, ice skating, dressing-up-enthusiast Squeeble, Icee. Brrrrrrrrr!!

Age: 7
Favourite food: Carrots
Hobbies: Ice skating and dressing up
Interesting fact: He often sticks a carrot up his nose!!! (note from the Squeebleators - don't try this at home!)


Tanger, by Tessa, age 7

Tanger lives a colourful life by the sounds of it, hunting for aliens and pots of gold! He looks like a happy sort of fellow with a friendly smile. Well done Tessa!

Age: 8
Favourite food: Anything yellow!
Hobby: Looking for pots of gold.
Interesting fact: Tanger likes alien hunting!

Zig, by Charlie, age 8

We loved Zig's giant pink curls (are they antenna? or ears?) and his bright pink cheeks. He looks like a bouncy, lively sort of guy. A fantastic drawing Charlie!

Age: 100
Favourite food: Fruit pizza
Hobby: Teddy cuddling
Interesting fact: Zig is small and bounces round a lot!

Rainbow, by Amelie, age 6

Rainbow is one of the most colourful Squeebles we've ever seen! She's been beautifully coloured in by Amelie, who has come up with a wonderful new type of food - rainbow milkshake cupcakes! Mmmmm!!!!

Age: 122
Favourite food: Rainbow milkshake cupcakes
Hobby: Playing with her Squeeble friends and taking bubble baths.
Interesting fact: Rainbow likes to fly (without wings)

Fleur, by Amelia, age 6

What a smiley Squeeble Fleur is! Amelia's fantastic creation is a water-loving, macaroni eating gymnast, which is fine with us, because macaroni is one of our favourite foods too...

Age: 6
Favourite food: Macaroni cheese
Hobby: Swimming underwater
Interesting fact: Fleur can do cartwheels underwater

Dectus, by Otto, age 5

Dectus seems to be a very geometric sort of character, with a decagon shaped head. He also appears to be heading for a (potentially very short) career in the prison service, throwing rotten food at law-breakers! Steady on Dectus!!!

Age: 42
Favourite food: television remote controls
Hobby: throwing moulding cabbage at prisoners (?!)
Interesting fact: decagon-shaped head


Daisy-Mae by Freya, age 5

Daisy-Mae is a half cat, half dog! We've been trying to decide if having the front half dog and the back half cat would be better than having the front half cat and the back half dog. Personally I'd half the front half dog and the back half dog but that might just be because my cats keep plucking the furniture and digging up my vegetables... Grrrr! Anyway - we love Freya's character - a brilliant idea.

Age: 3
Favourite food: Potato
Hobby: Playing with cotton wool
Interesting fact: Her eyes glow in the dark.

Spooky, by Ellie, age 8

We've been hiding behind the sofa quivering with fright ever since seeing Spooky earlier in the week. A wonderfully scary half pumpkin, half ghost by Ellie, who shows he has a slightly more  creative side too by being keen on arts and crafts. Bet he enjoys carving pumpkins... or maybe not (!) And all in Halloween week too!!! Yikes!!!!

Age: 16
Favourite food: Onions
Hobby: Arts and crafts
Interesting fact: He likes scaring people!

Spike, by Talia, age 7

Blue is our favourite colour and the shade of blue Talia has used in her beautiful drawing is one of the nicest blues we've seen. Like an August sky or a tropical sea. Spike likes baking rocky road and if he'd like to bake some for us then we'd love some. Thanks Spike! And thanks Talia for such a wonderful Squeeble.

Age: 10
Favourite food: Cucumber sandwiches
Hobby: Baking rocky road
Interesting fact: He can bounce super-high!


Spidot, by James, age 10

James' Squeeble is an arty kind of character, who even has a permanent splash of paint on him. Another great drawing with plenty of colour and a lot of Squeebliness!

Age: 11
Favourite food: peppers
Hobby: Art
Interesting fact: Spidot's dot is paint!

Pear Zinger, by Arlo, age 6

There is a long history of Squeebles that look like fruit but we've never had a pear Squeeble before, which is strange, because we love pears. Arlo has beaten us to it and designed a wonderful character with a big smile who can speak every language in the world!!!

Age: 6
Favourite food: Doughnuts
Hobby: Playing football
Interesting fact: He can speak all the languages in the world!

Don-Nutter, by Carys, age 8 and a half

We thought Carys' drawing looked so yummy, we had to try really hard not to print it out and eat it! Don-nutter looks like a very happy Squeeble - we'd recommend if she wants to stay that way she stays away from Pear Zinger (left), whose favourite food is doughnuts!

Age: 8 and a half
Favourite food: Ice cream
Hobby: Gymnastics
Interesting fact: She glows in the dark


Melody, by Mia, age 6

Melody is a musical Squeeble, which is brilliant - the Squeebles love music and always like being sung to. We thought Melody's heart-shaped antenna was fantastic and loved her colour coordinated stars. Brilliant drawing Mia!

Age: 6
Favourite food: Unknown!
Hobby: To sing
Interesting fact: She likes to play with all of her friends.

Heart, by Charlotte, age 7

Heart seems like the kind of Squeeble who is full of happiness and love. Her smiling face and colourful smile are just what the rest of the Squeebles need after a hard day's work dealing with the Maths Monster and the Spelling Snake.

Age: 9
Favourite food: Cookies
Hobbies: Skateboarding and roller-skating
Interesting fact: Heart is a kind and caring Squeeble. She has lots of friends around the globe. Her favourite colour is pink.

Arca, by Maggie, age 8

Arca seems rather owl-like to us - a very wise and kind Squeeble with perfect night-vision and a beautiful singing voice. Squeebles are usually vegetarian, but as a bird of prey, we can make an exception for Arca, whose favourite food is fish.

Age: 10
Favourite food: fish
Hobbies: flying and soaring through the air.


Twist, by Ruby, age 10

We thought Twist looked like she was dancing in Ruby's wonderful drawing. We love her headband and the bright colours that Ruby has used in her picture.

Age: 4
Favourite food: Hot, melted chocolate
Hobbies: Bird watching, gymnastics and dance.

Zag, by Izzy, age 10

We particularly liked how Izzy had used two halves to make Zag, with opposite colours for his legs and body. His choice of food is nice and extravagant too, which we love!

Age: 6
Favourite food: Knickerbocker glories
Hobby: Water-skiing
Interesting fact: Zag once had to sing on stage in front of 200 Squeebles! He was so embarrassed that he fell off the stage!

Zog, by Beatrix, age 9

We've put Zog next to Zag because we thought they might like each others' names! There's also a Zig higher up the page! Very Christmassy colours in Beatrix's Squeeble, who likes chasing birds. But does he ever catch them?

Age: 11
Favourite food: Veggie chilli curry
Interesting fact: Likes chasing birds!


Ziggy, by Audrey, age 8

Ziggy looks like a flash of lightning! We loved Audrey's brightly coloured Squeeble that eats banana jelly (!) and likes quiet hobbies like drawing (maybe Ziggy draws Squeebles and would like to enter our next competition?)

Age: 9
Favourite food: Banana jelly
Hobbies: Reading and drawing
Interesting fact: All of Ziggy's family have been able to run as fast as lightning!

Ray, by Ignatius, age 5

5 year old Ignatius won our last competition with his superb drawing of Eclipse. His entries this time were just as good, our favourite being this rainbow-like Squeeble with a big, friendly smile. 

Age: 9
Favourite food: banana split
Hobby: Soccer
Interesting fact: He loves soccer but doesn't like to be goalie because the other team will kick the ball between his legs and score a goal.

Sox, by Zachary, age 11

We loved Zachary's drawing of super-fast Sox, who we thought looked like he'd win most of the races on Squeeble Island. Great colours and an original idea for a design. Well done!

Age: 19
Favourite food: Potatoes
Hobby: 10 mile sprint
Interesting fact: Once, he was racing Swipe and he fell into one of Chalk's holes and Swipe beat him.


Spidey, by Nico, age 4

Nico's wonderful drawing looks like a very interesting Squeeble, with plenty of legs and a big smile. Well done Nico!

Age: 40
Favourite food: Spaghetti with hot sauce
Hobby: Swimming in the ocean.
Interesting fact: Spidey likes making webs.

Lumio, by Lucy, age 3

Lucy is just 3 years old - our youngest entrant into the competition - and she drew this beautiful, colourful Squeeble, which we absolutely loved.

Age: 3
Favourite food: Pistachio ice cream
Hobbies: Looking at the frogs on Squeeble Island and putting them in size order!
Interesting fact: Lumio has a light on top of his head, to help him see in the dark.

Bob, by Harry, age 6

Harry wrote a fantastic description for Bob...

"This is a Squeeble called Bob. He is very friendly and he lives in South Africa. He likes playing sports and his favourite sport is football. Bob has fluff all over him and when he's angry, it turns into spikes. Bob lives in the countryside in a farm. He also likes playing board games. Bob's favourite food is chocolate cake. Bob is twelve."


Roy, by Ben, age 8

Wow. Roy is old!!! Over 11 million years old! He also has 4 arms, lots of very spiky hair and several eyes. Ben's character looks like a very interesting Squeeble that I'm sure would be lots of fun to hang out with!

Age: 11,111,129
Favourite food: Jam sandwiches
Hobbies: Playing bongos and talking to animals.
Interesting fact: Roy is currently in the Squeeble Olympics!

Pumpky, by Bella, age 4

We loved Pumpky's fierce teeth and ghostly friends swirling around his head. Well done Bella!

Age: 12
Favourite food: Broccoli and peas.
Hobbies: He likes to write poems about what he does. He also likes to look at pumpkin decorations.
Interesting fact: He sleeps in the day and eats breakfast at night. He plays at night too. Also, he's scared of the light.

Baiana, by Thomas, age 7

We particularly liked the pink ears that Baiana has and her big Squeebly grin. A game of hide and seek in the coconut trees on Squeeble Island sounds like a lot of fun!

Age: 9
Favourite food: Coconuts
Hobby: Reading
Interesting fact: Baiana is Bitsy's closest relative and loves playing hide and seek in coconut trees.

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Terms and Conditions:

We're leaving these up here for anyone who still wants to read them...

The parent/guardian/teacher submitting the entry and the child who created the entry shall be referred to collectively as 'the entrant' for the remainder of the Terms & Conditions. Tiny Spark Ideas Ltd. trading as KeyStageFun will be referred to as KeyStageFun for the remainder of these terms and conditions.

The winning entrant's family or school will be rewarded with a £30 Amazon voucher or equivalent amount of Amazon vouchers in their country of residence's currency at the time of announcing the winner. Two runners up will receive a £15 Amazon voucher. The winning entrants shall not receive any monies or benefit in any other way from the sale of any apps or other materials featuring their Squeeble in the future.

Each entrant agrees that their Squeeble design may be used in promotional materials produced to promote KeyStageFun in the future as well as any other apps, video content, television production, books or other written or visual materials produced for sale or promotional use in the future. The copyright and ownership of the finished Squeeble created from an entrant's design will belong to KeyStageFun. Each entrant confirms that their entry and all associated information is their own work and does not infringe anyone else's copyright in any way. KeyStageFun cannot be held responsible for any infringement of copyright unknown to them within any entry.

If desired by the winner and confirmed by their parent/guardian/teacher, we are happy to credit them within the finished app as the creator of the Squeeble.  By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees that it may be featured on the KeyStageFun website/Facebook/Twitter or Meet the Squeebles blog and elsewhere (along with the entrant's first name and age).

KeyStageFun have already created many, as yet unpublished, Squeebles: if one of the Squeebles which appears in the final app happens to be similar to an entrant's design which was not chosen as a winner, KeyStageFun cannot be held responsible for this coincidence.

The competition closes on October 30th 2016. The winner and runners up will be chosen by KeyStageFun and our decision is final. No alternative prizes can be provided.

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