Design a Squeeble - March 2021 - The Winners!

We spent a very happy morning judging this year's Design a Squeeble competition - there were just so many wonderful designs, descriptions, and details to admire. It's always hard to whittle things down and this year was no different, but we're so delighted with the three new Squeebles who eventually made it through. We've included a handful of the amazing entries we received in the gallery below, but if yours hasn't been featured, please don't give up - every entry we received was admired and appreciated, and we'll be running another competition again soon :)

WINNER: Melone, by Scarlett, age 9

10, born in Cyprus
Favourite food: 
Feta cheese, as it compliments the sweetness of Melone
Interesting facts: 
Melone loves the sun as it helps her to become redder, sweeter and juicier. She also loves to explore new places as she is rather inquisitive and loves to learn about new places. 

Why we chose Melone: Scarlett's design just had such great visual impact and seemed the embodiment of happiness and sunshine. We also loved how carefully Scarlett had used watermelon facts to inform Melone's character. We're so happy to welcome the fruity addition to the Squeeble fold. Thank you, Scarlett.

RUNNER-UP: Puv, by Joseph, age 5

Name: Puv
Age: 2
Favourite food: Beans on toast
Interesting facts: Puv's hobby is going to the park. He can also make presents out of slime.

Why we chose Puv: Again, the sunshiny warmth of Joseph's design drew us in - Puv just looks like such a friendly and engaging character, and we were delighted by the idea of him making gifts from slime. Joseph, we were so impressed by your beautiful artwork, and are delighted for Puv to be joining Squeeble Island. 

RUNNER-UP: Bubbles, by Elodie, age 10

Name: Bubbles
Age: 6
Favourite food: Seaweed sandwiches
Interesting facts: Bubbles eats up all the rubbish that is in the oceans and turns them into bubbles which comes out of the top of her head. The bubbles change colour depending on her mood. On her body there are different sea creatures that she has helped. The reason she likes seaweed sandwiches is because she was born in the sea and has always been surrounded by beautiful coral and seaweed. This coral and seaweed is slowly disappearing this is why she started trying to clear it up.

Why we chose Bubbles: Not only is Bubbles a fantastic-looking Squeeble with her unique bubble funnel, but we loved that this feature neutralises the impact of rubbish in our oceans. We had so much fun recreating Elodie's design in digital form with all those lovely sea creatures on her body and are so happy Bubbles will soon be keeping the waters around Squeeble Island clear - thank you, Elodie :). 

A Handful of Our Other Favourites...
Booksy, by Anna, age 10

Name: Booksy
Age: 10
Favourite food: Alphabetti Spaghetti
Interesting facts: Booksy is always stuck in a book. Most of her friends are book characters so she believes in the land of fairy tales. She reads books in all different languages.  She once learned a complicated language just to read one short book!  
Why we liked it: Anna created a bookish Squeeble who sounds like an intrepid and curious reader, with an endearingly dreamy side. We loved Anna's illustration, especially Booksy's colourful tuft of hair.   
Birdbush, by Ethan, age 8

Name: Birdbush
Age: 6.5
Favourite food: Blueberries
Interesting facts: Birdbush is half-bush, half-bird! He likes flying through the woods and picking blueberries. 
Why we liked it: Half-bird, half-bush??? What's not to love! We thought this was wonderfully inventive and loved the strange creature Ethan had invented. 

Bow, by Moto, age 6

Name: Bow
Age: 5
Favourite food: Unknown
Interesting facts:  Bow got into cooking when he was one year old. He likes to cook for his pet cat, Meaty. 
Why we liked it: Bow has such beautiful shading and an impressive dedication to caring for his pet. Beautiful artwork, Moto! 

Flamey, by Bennett, age 5

Name: Flamey
Age: 5
Favourite food: Flame fruit, which regenerates her flames
Interesting facts: Flamey likes to make snow angels in the snow. Her hobbies are making tracks in the snow and sledding down them, and heating up the snow. 
Why we liked it: We loved how carefully Bennett had thought about Flamey's heat-generating and snow-melting properties, and we thought Flamey had a friendly and jaunty-looking face! Wonderful work, Bennett. 

Helen, by Bella, age 11

Name: Helen
Age: 7
Favourite food: Popcorn and strawberry
Interesting facts: Helen is very shy, but when she sees a Squeeble that is sad, she makes them happy. She likes to help in the garden and put her hair in a bun. And she enjoys gymnastics, swimming, and sledding. 
Why we liked it: We love the idea of Squeebly cinema treat and liked the way Bella had cleverly made Helen's hair from popcorn. A bold and tasty Squeeble design :)

Kittycorn, by Emily, age 7

Name: Kittycorn
Age: 5
Favourite food: Rainbow lollipops 
Interesting facts: Kittycorn likes to grant wishes, and enjoys magic and dancing. 
Why we liked it: We loved Emily's bright and luminous design and were intrigued by the name she'd chosen for her Squeeble.

Soluna, by the Cecil children

Name: Soluna
Age: 10
Favourite food: Mango ice cream 
Interesting facts: During the day Soluna is the sun, and at night the moon. Soluna is cheerful and bright during the day, and mysterious and fun at night. She enjoys jumping on clouds and spinning.
Why we liked it: We loved that this design was a collaboration by five children, aged from 6 to 12 years old - it's a wonderful idea and gorgeously illustrated. 

Spot, by Daniel, age 7

Name: Spot
Age: 1
Favourite food: Round sandwiches
Interesting facts: Spot loves going to running races and always wins. His hobbies are running and wiggling.
Why we liked it: We loved this tiered Squeeble that came with three layers, and were delighted by the idea of wiggling as a hobby! Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us Daniel, and for taking the time to do such a wonderful drawing. 

Spoty, by Emma, age 5

Name: Spoty
Favourite food: Birthday cake
Interesting facts: Spoty wears a party crown all the time just in case it's anyone's birthday. Her spots are so she can make baubles for Christmas trees because they are balls.
Why we liked it: We adored the candle storage area on top of Spoty's head - we really don't think there's ever been a Squeeble more ready for a party! And we were so impressed by the hundreds and thousands of dots Emma had drawn - such a careful and artistic illustration - we loved it!

Truffles, by Edith, age 9

Age: 6
Favourite food: Truffles, of course! The chocolate ones.
Interesting facts: Every new year on her birthday, Truffles begins to have a different animal part on her body. Right now she has six different types: a unicorn horn, bat wings and mouth, spider legs, a pig snout, her right ear and eye is a bunny, and her left ear and eye is a cat.  
Why we liked it: Edith's description of her Squeeble is a thing of wonder - we just loved her inventiveness in thinking up Truffles' annual transformation! And her creativity in illustrating this was just wonderful - definitely one of the highlights of this year's competition! Thank you, Edith.

Twilight, by Charlie, age 10

Age: 3
Favourite food: Sprinkles
Interesting facts: Twilight's hobby is making rainbows. She can send thousands of rainbows out of her horn at the same time! 
Why we liked it: A unicorn rainbow roller - what a wonderful idea! And we loved Twilight's gentle and kind expression. Thank you so much for your thoughtful design, Charlie. 

Vinie, by Abi, age 10

Name: Vinie 
Favourite food: Strawberries
Interesting facts: Vinie is actually half vampire - that is why she has pointed teeth. She lives with her mum, and her biggest fear is fire. 
Why we liked it: Vinie has such a sweet and friendly expression that it was a surprise to find she's actually part vampire....we're a little worried about where that red outline is coming from, but so impressed by Abi's wonderful creativity all the same! 

Algebra Ant, by Thomas, age 10

Name: Algebra Ant
Age: 97,104
Favourite food: Algebraic apples
Interesting facts: He is the latest villain to terrorise Squeeble Island. He is good friends with the Spelling Snake.. He has captured the Squeebles and now it is up to Bitsy to save them by answering his algebra questions. Algebra Ant's hobbies are being evil and ruining the Squeebles' fun. 
Why we liked it: We do love a baddie and Thomas has designed something wonderfully menacing! We loved that he has carefully worked x and y into the ant's antennae, and a and b onto his cheek - it's attention to detail like this that really delights us. We don't currently have a vacancy for an algebraic baddie, but if we did, we think this one would skulk about the place nicely! Thank you, Thomas. 

Binny, by Joel, age 5

Age: 5
Favourite food: Anything at all, but if he had to choose it would be banana peel.
Interesting facts: Binny is a champion recycler. Other people's waste is his treasure. He once upcycled an old Christmas tree into a canoe and took his friends on trips around Squeeble Island in it. 
Why we liked it: Joel's Squeeble had an important environmental message and looked incredibly Squeeble-like for a bin - what a wonderful design - thank you so much, Joel :) 

Blend, by Emily, age 12

Name: Blend
Age: 9
Favourite food: Rainbow lollipops
Interesting facts: Blend likes to mix and blend all the colours in the rainbow to make new shades to add to his collection. Also, his eyes change colour depending on how he feels. Blend is an excitable and friendly Squeeble with a vibrant personality. 
Why we liked it: Emily's design was a work of art that reflected her colour-loving Squeeble, Blend, beautifully. We were delighted by Blend's surf board, which was inspired by a paint brush, and imagined he'd leave the most glorious trail of watercolours when he hits the sea. Thank you so much, Emily - we were so impressed by your artwork.

Cheesy head, by Alice, age 10

Name: Cheesy head
Age: 12
Favourite food: Hmmm...cheese!
Interesting facts: Cheesy head's hobby is telling his friends cheesy jokes. He dislikes only having twenty-five tonnes of cheese left in his cupboard. 
Why we liked it: As huge fans of cheese, we loved Alice's design...our only worry was whether he might get eaten if he was left around on Squeeble Island for too long. Thank you for a brilliant design, Alice.

Love, by Lali, age 9

Name: Love
Age: 9
Favourite food: Cookies
Interesting facts: Love likes making cookies for her friends. She also likes flying and when she is happy she glows. Her hobby is loving. 
Why we liked it: Love sounds like a big-hearted Squeeble and we liked the additional features such as happy antennae, heart-shaped eyes, and delicate wings. Love is so beautifully designed - thank you, Lali.

Mystical Mom & Mini Mystical, Poppy, 7

Mystical Mom and Mini Mystical
Age: 48 and 6
Favourite food: Melted chocolate, white chocolate, and lemonade
Interesting facts: Mysitical Mom likes fishing for gold and jewels, and also likes finding the end of rainbows, while her daughter also likes flying and dancing. 
Why we liked it: We loved this stripy mother-daughter team, with their jaunty flicks of purple hair. We don't think we've ever had a pair of Squeebles quite like this, Poppy - thank you for sharing such a lovely family-focused idea with us. 

Squeeberry, by Charis, age 7

Age: 11
Favourite food: Chocolate fondue
Interesting facts: Squeeberry loves singing. She won Squeebles Got Talent last year with her techno version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. She sometimes gets in trouble for waking the other Squeebles too early with her singing.
Why we liked it: What a gorgeously juicy-looking Squeeble - we love the idea of this tuneful strawberry-inspired creature. We did wonder if Simon Cowell had tried to make an appearance on Squeeble Island to judge Squeebles Got Talent, or if there was a more Squeebly stand-in :) Either way, it's a beautiful design, Charis.

Tammy, by Zara, age 9

Age: 30
Favourite food: Doughnuts
Interesting facts: Tammy owns a doughnut shop and is friends with Raino. She likes collecting stickers and her favourite animal is a dog. 
Why we liked it: We loved Zara's illustration - the patches on Tammy's body made us think of fields seen from an aeroplane window, stickers, a jigsaw puzzle, multi-coloured doughnut batter...whatever they are, we love this colourful design and the flower perched in Tammy's hat. Thank you, Zara :)

Wingbeat, by Juliette, age 10

Name: Wingbeat 
Age: 11
Favourite food: Mint choc chip ice cream, chips and peas
Interesting facts: Wingbeat has an automatic light for night and dark places. Her only worries are that her nightmares might come true. Her magic powers are she can talk any languages, stop viruses and operate anywhere...but she likes flying better.
Why we liked it: We adored Wingbeat's beautifully ethereal wings - those little blue dots were so worth the time they must have taken to create. We also liked Wingbeat's automatic headlamp - such a nice detail. Thank you for such a creative entry, Juliette (and we are wishing Wingbeat sweet dreams). 

Bleanie, by Cai, age 10

Age: 8
Favourite food: Vegan corn burger 
Interesting facts: Bleanie was the world champion of skimming ten rocks one mile. His hobbies are skipping and surfing.
Why we liked it: We loved that Bleanie holds the world record for something so unique and liked his bright and jaunty appearance. Cai's entry almost looks like a page from a story book, which we liked very much - thank you for presenting your design so beautifully, Cai :)

Steer, by Ayman, age 7

Age: 9
Favourite food: Cherry pizza
Interesting facts: Steer likes to fly a lot in the clouds but she is only a beginner. She is a little guiding star monster. When you press Steer she will sparkle and shine. When she is older she will be a guiding star! 
Why we liked it: 'A shining star monster' - we thought this sounded adorable! We also lovely Steer's beautifully drawn shape, smattering of purple freckles, and friendly demeanour. Thank you, Ayman - we loved your design. 

Lily, by Laura, age 9

Age: 5
Favourite food: strawberries and corn on the cob
Interesting facts: Lily loves riding along the grass to build up speed and then zooming onto lakes and skimming across the water. She also likes playing hide and seek with her friends but she always gets found first because she glows red when she gets excited. She is training for the water skimming world championships. Her record is 7 skims before she landed on her favourite lily pad. 
Why we liked it: We fell in love with the gorgeous green Laura had created with her careful shading, as well as Lily's lovely face. We thought Laura wrote beautifully about her Squeeble and we enjoyed the details she shared with us. Lily's placement on this page is really a case of 'last, but very definitely not least', as she was so nearly a winner - thank you so much for entering Laura - we absolutely loved your design.