Design a Squeeble - May 2020 - The Winners!

After a huge amount of deliberation, we have finally chosen our winner and four runners-up in our latest "Design a Squeeble" competition. The standard of the entries was quite simply amazing, with some incredibly creative, imaginative, funny and heart-warming designs. Well done to everyone who entered. We've tried to feature as many entries as we could below in addition to the winners. If yours isn't included, we're really sorry... there were just so many amazing designs that it wasn't possible to fit all of them in.

WINNER: Goggles, by Alice, 9

Favourite food: 
anything, as long as it is in pairs!
 joking with his friends
fruit salads
Interesting facts: 
Alice wrote that Goggles dislikes fruit salads, although enjoys eating anything else as long as it's in pairs; collects underpants, although fears a pant thief stealing them; and takes his name from his love of swimming, sporting a single goggle over his lone eye. 

Why we chose Goggles: We absolute love the creativity behind Alice's marvellous Squeeble, who is based on a pear and likes things in pairs! Not only did Alice draw her Squeeble, she went one step further and made a model of him, out of a pear - this was one of our favourite entries of all time and we can't wait to get to work animating Goggles and sharing him in one of our apps soon! Well done Alice - we think Goggles is "pear-fect"...

RUNNER-UP: Luna, by Anoushka, 9

Name: Luna
Age: 2
Favourite food: blackberries & dragon fruit
Interesting facts: Luna likes trying to find all the constellations with her friends. She's a friendly Squeeble who just wants to have fun. Her spots start to glow every full moon night and she collects stars to light up her path.

Why we chose Luna: Our resident teenagers helped us judge this competition and there was a collective 'Ahh' when we came to Anoushka's entry - her drawing seemed to convey a gentle soul with her kind, expressive eyes, and delicate colouring. Indeed, Anoushka says Luna is 'a friendly Squeeble who just wants to have fun. Her spots start to glow every full moon night and she collects stars to light her path. Her hobby is trying to find all the constellations with her friends, while eating blackberries and dragon fruit.' We thought Luna would be a magical addition to the Squeebles family. Well done Anoushka. What an amazing creation! 

RUNNER-UP: Natur, by Montgomery, 8

Name: Natur
Age: 300 million
Favourite food: home-grown cherries
Interesting facts: Natur loves to bake, especially for his friends' birthdays. He bakes the most delicious cherry cake with lime icing, and cherry sauce on top. The cherry antennae on his head allow him to seed new forests, which is an incredible super-power to save the planet.

Why we chose Natur: Eight-year-old Montgomery designed Natur, who wowed us with his brilliant colour and mass of tentacles. Natur is an environmentally-minded Squeeble, whose 'cherry antennae allow him to seed new forests, which is an incredible super-power to save the planet.' Natur is 300,000,000 years old, but still loves to bake, especially for his friends' birthdays. Montgomery says that Natur bakes the most delicious cherry cake with lime icing, and cherry sauce on top! We are so pleased to welcome this wise and thoughtful Squeeble to the fold!

RUNNER-UP: Bow, by Catherine, 6

Age: 7
Favourite food: Salad
Interesting facts: Bow can fly like a helicopter using the bow on her head and go anywhere, except places where there is lava. She likes to collect stuff about nature, run and dress up in colourful clothes!

Why we chose Bow: We were so impressed with Catherine's wonderfully colourful rainbow design, but our favourite thing about Bow is that she can fly like a helicopter, by using the bow on her head as a propellor!!! Perhaps you've seen her flying through the sky and mistaken her for a real rainbow? Well done Catherine - what a brilliant Squeeble.

RUNNER-UP: Graylie, by Franky, 11

Name: Graylie
Age: 56 years, 5 months, 5 days
Favourite food: apples, oranges, lemons, pears, blueberries, grapes and dragonfruit
Interesting facts: Graylie has some white spots in him. These are in fact holes, not white spots, and the cause of these holes is because there is so much black-and-white television missing. Graylie’s hope is that it will all turn up at some point, and he can be full again.

Why we chose Graylie: the brief details above are about 5% of the information Franky sent us about Graylie. Never before have we received so much detail about a Squeeble. You can read the full story behind Graylie here and see his greyscale home to the West of Squeeble Island on our map here.

See our other favourite entries in the gallery below! 
A Handful of Our Other Favourites...

This was the hardest competition we've ever had to judge. We would love to be able to turn so many more of the amazing entries we had into Squeebles, but sadly there just isn't time! Instead, we've uploaded some of our favourites that so nearly won but *just* missed out. Please don't be too disappointed if you didn't win or we couldn't feature you this time round - there will be more competitions in the future and we'd love to see what you come up with next time!!

Zeal, by Emily, age 11

Name: Zeal
Age: unknown to the world
Favourite food: moon cheese
Interesting facts: Zeal's name means "fire, energy and determination". Her ambition is to build a rocket that can fly to Mars and she likes time-travelling to try and help solve problems like climate change!
Why we liked it: We love that Emily sent us  a drawing AND a 3D model of her squeeble, Zeal.   
Spike, by Lochlann, age 10

Name: Spike
Age: 15
Favourite food: curry & noodles
Interesting facts: Spike plays his guitar by sending brainwaves to it. Also his guitar glows when he plays it! As well as playing music himself, he likes listening to other musicians perform.
Why we liked it: One half of KeyStageFun is rather partial to electric guitars and was really delighted to find Spike in our inbox! We loved your musical Squeeble design, Lochlann - thank you! 

Pink-Pink, by Bennett, age 4

Name: Pink-Pink
Age: 3
Favourite food: Macaroni and cheese, chocolate smoothies, and chocolate pudding
Interesting facts: Pink-pink can go invisible and transform into plants. He likes to collect rocks, flowers and eggs.
Why we liked it: We adored Bennett's wonderful picture. Bennett blended pink and purple crayons on Pink-Pink's body to glorious effect and we loved his clawed feet!

Flash, by Natalia, Age 8

Age: 8
Favourite food: Runner beans to help her run faster! 
Interesting facts: Flash can shoot rainbows out of her head which she uses as a bridge to run over. She is great at jumping and can reach heights of 1327m! She loves running and junk modelling.
Why we liked it: Runner beans to make her go faster - what an inspired recipe for a speedy creature! Well done on a brilliantly thought out design, Natalia!

Diggles, by Martha, age 7

Name: Diggles
Age: 7
Favourite food: Banana
Interesting facts: Diggles loves banana so much that she is bright yellow with a banana mouth! She has one big eye and one small eye that blink at different times. 
Why we liked it: We loved that Martha included ideas for how Diggles could be animated, and also that Diggles is so bananary that her mouth has turned into one! Top banana, Martha!

Squeebow, by Ava, age 10

Name: Squeebow
Age: 8
Favourite food: Glow in the dark rainbow cookies
Interesting facts: Squeebow has feet made out of clouds and leaves a trail or rainbow footprints wherever she goes. If you shine a light on her, she glows all the colours of the rainbow. She has a little jar of rainbow droplets and at night it glows nice and brightly!
Why we liked it: This rainbow Squeeble really stood out with its clear, impactful design, and we adored the magical description - a brilliant achievement, Ava. 

Glitz, by Mollie, Age 9

Age: Unknown
Favourite food: Runner beans to help her run faster! 
Interesting facts: Glitz is a glitter ball packed with fun and when excited she does a little dance, sparkles and spins. Her favourite food is glamberries. Glitz loves to jive as it boosts her glitter factor. She sleeps in a rainbow hammock in the glitter woods of Glamzonia. Here, she loves to shine through every blade of grass possible.
Why we liked it: This design has such a strong theme and personality coming through - we were just so delighted by hearing all the details that went with this amazing artwork! Well done, Mollie. 

Mimi, by Avni, age 7

Name: Mimi
Age: 15
Favourite food: Cotton candy
Interesting facts: When it's nighttime Mimi's eyes shoot lasers. Her hobbies are riding a bike and singing.
Why we liked it: This is such a delicate looking design - we loved the little flowers outlining Mimi's body and the cheerful party hat she we were quite surprised by the idea of this gentle looking creature having the ability to shoot lasers from her eyes! Well done on creating an interesting design, Avni! 

Love, by Poppy, age 11

Name: Love 
Favourite food: Vegetarian pizza, full of colourful vegetables to help her shine brightly!
Interesting facts: She can stretch her love across the world, as well as her bright, happy colours. She worries about the thunder coming out as she doesn't like him messing with people's days.
Why we liked it: Poppy's design has a really lovely symmetry to it, and we loved the addition of the glittery pots of gold at Love's feet. Love not liking thunder 'messing with people's days' made us laugh - thank you, Poppy.

Spark, by Sophia, age 9

Name: Spark
Age: 15
Favourite food: carrot cake, spinach, and strawberries
Interesting facts: Spark is an energetic Squeeble who has ADHD which makes him hyperactive. He runs faster than every Squeeble. His painting skills are amazing too. 
Why we liked it: Spark reminded us a sprout, with his compact little body and friendly looking face! We loved his lively personality too - thank you, Sophia!

Sum-mer, by Finley, age 8

Name: Sum-mer
Age: 9
Favourite food: Limes
Interesting facts: Sum-mer broke the record fo the largest carrot - it was 33.2 metres! He gave half of it to his neighbour and best friend, Bitsy. He has a pet called Unit. He is quite shy. He was  born in Scotland but now lives England. 
Why we liked it: We loved this mathsy Squeeble that goes so well with many of our apps. We also loved the idea of a pet called Unit!  Thank you for putting so much thought into your wonderful design, Finley. 

Rainbow Dino, by Oscar, age 7

Name: Rainbow Dino 
Favourite food: Rainbows
Interesting facts: Rainbow Dino likes being the striker for the Squeeble football team. 
Why we liked it: Such magnificent stripes and spikes and we really loved Rainbow Dino's kind face. A brilliant design, Oscar. 

Rubix, by Charlotte, age 10

Name: Rubix
Age: 7
Favourite food: chocolate
Interesting facts: doing the Rubiks cube and painting. Rubix changes colour depending on how it's feeling. Its favourite colour is blue.
Why we liked it: What's better than a Rubik's cube? A Squeeble that looks like a Rubik's cube, with a tuft of hair poking out! We loved this clever idea - thank you, Charlotte! 

Hopesy, by Holly, age 10

Name: Hopesy
Age: 6
Favourite food: Rainbow spaghetti with cloudy vegetarian meatballs
Interesting facts: He is a rainbow designer and is afraid of spiders. He can turn things without colour into a rainbow colour with a touch of his antennas. He has a pet leprechaun called Sindy.
Why we liked it: We loved the exciting additions springing from Hopesy's head. Also the idea of cloudy vegetarian meatballs - such an interesting culinary invention. Thank you, Holly :)

Duo, by Idris, age 7

Name: Duo
Favourite food: vegetarian pasta bolognese
Interesting facts: comes from the planet Mathsima. His favourite maths is subtraction.
Why we liked it: Duo is a simple design, but has that special something about him that really made us smile! We liked hearing about his birth place too! Well done, Idris. 

Raff, by William, age 10

Name: Raff
Age: 7
Favourite food: pesto pasta with salad
Interesting facts: Raff gets worried sometimes with his writing, so give him lots of love. When you tap the hole in him, a love heart will appear in the hole and red will glow around his edge. Raff likes counting stars. 
Why we liked it: Raff's worries made us want to give him a huge cuddle! But we loved that he's also a happy looking Squeeble, who's so full of love! Well done, William - we really love your design.  

Wallie, by Fisher, age 10

Name: Wallie
Age: 8
Favourite food: Mac and cheese
Interesting facts: Wallie is always looking on the bright side no matter what. He can be a little chatty sometimes.. Wallie loves nature and all plant life, even weeds! He also loves trying new things, even if it's a bit dangerous. He once tried catapulting to the moon (he made it)! 
Why we liked it: Wallie sounds like a bit of a daredevil, but we were impressed that he successfully landed on the moon, and are now proud to find he's catapulted his way into our hearts and onto our website! A marvellous creation, Fisher.

Rainbe, by Simon, age 8

Name: Rainbe 
Favourite food: Rainbow pizza
Interesting facts: His coloured patches are constantly changing colour. He's a very bright Squeeble with a tie pattern disguised within his colourful body. He loves skateboarding and is very friendly. He loves to play tag and catch with his friends. 
Why we liked it: Simon's design had so much detail and we really loved that there were ties hidden in his body! Brilliantly colourful and beautifully drawn.

Swishy, by Amelia, Age 8

Age: 8
Favourite food: Sticky seaweed pudding
Interesting facts: She is part mermaid and part fairy. She fires bubbles and seashells at enemies. She has an amazingly sharp fin which glows when she casts a spell.
Why we liked it: Amelia's painting has a wonderfully dreamy feel to it, suitable for a Squeeble that's part mermaid, part fairy. We loved the little details she described which were reflected in the picture - overall a really beautiful piece of art and an excellent Squeeble design - thank you for getting out your paints for us, Amelia!  

Splat, by Ellie, age 9

Name: Splat
Age: 8
Favourite food: Melted cheese
Interesting facts: Splat is always clumsy and can only eat soft food because his teeth got all squashed.
Why we liked it: Sometimes a little part of the description is what really makes us love a design, and with Splat, the idea he can only eat soft food because his teeth got squashed...added to the fact that his entire body looks rather like a jelly, made is feel this was a wonderfully wobbly creation! 

Summer, by Bella, age 10

Name: Summer 
Favourite food: Popcorn
Interesting facts: Summer's hobby is heating food! She loves to heat food for her friends and then she helps her mom with the dishes. 
Why we liked it: Sometimes children come up with ideas that we know we never would have thought of. Like a Squeeble's hobby being heating food. Thank you for making us laugh with delight at your brilliant imagination, Bella. We loved your drawings too.  

Wilma, by Emma, age 9

Name: Wilma
Age: 12
Favourite food: pizza
Interesting facts: Wilma loves flying high in the sky with her wings. Lex is her cousin and they get along well together. Wilma likes to sew her own clothes. 
Why we liked it: Wilma's huge grin, beautiful pink hair, and giant wings really made this design stand out! We also loved to hear about Wilma's stitchy ways, because one half of KeyStageFun likes to sew her own clothes sometimes too! Well done on a brilliant design, Emma.

Spot, by Bella, age 8

Name: Spot
Age: 1
Favourite food: Bananas
Interesting facts: She used to be black with brown spots, but now she's brown with black spots! 
Why we liked it: We like that Spot has a slightly cat-like appearance, but that she clearly has something of the chameleon in her with her ability to change colour! A brilliant design, Bella.

Cryso, by Rio, age 7

Name: Cryso
Age: Unknown, but his birthday is 18th May
Favourite food: Other rare crystals
Interesting facts: Cryso is a Squeeble made out of mostly ruby, emerald, tanzanite, and sapphire. He is ultra, mega rare - the only one in the world. Cryso can turn invisible. He was born on Snake Island. 
Why we liked it: This design actually arrived a few days after the closing date...but it was just too good not to feature here. It's a really wonderful depiction of a crystal in squeeble form and a splendid piece of art in its own right...we might put this one on our wall!

Dolph, by Forrest, age 5

Name: Dolph
Age: 5
Favourite food: lettuce and cucumber
Interesting facts: The Squeeble's name is Dolph (because he has a tail like a dolphin). He is 6 years old.. He is a cross between a plesiosaur and an ichthyosaurs from prehistoric times. He mainly lives in water but likes coming on land to see his friends.. He may look scary but his green teeth come from eating so many vegetables. His favourite game to play is hide and seek and he loves taking part in swimming races.
Why we liked it: Forrest's knowledge of dinosaurs really impressed us and we loved that he channelled this into his Squeeble design - you've created a really wonderful looking creature! 

Rocky Pop, by Leila, age 10

Name: Rocky Pop
Age: 10
Favourite food: Popstar pasta
Interesting facts: He once sang the national anthem at the opening ceremony of the Squeeble Olympics. His hobbies are singing, dancing, and generally being groovy. 
Why we liked it: Rocky Pop is a gloriously unique looking Squeeble who looks as though she's very much been caught in mid-song! A Squeeble of maximum grooviness, Leila - thank you! 

Daisy, by Bella, age 8

Name: Daisy
Age: 5
Favourite food: Honey
Interesting facts: She once broke the world record for the longest flower chain and that's how she got her crown! 
Why we liked it: We loved Daisy's interesting fact and how it links in with her appearance - well done Bella on a well thought out Squeeble. 

Invisqueeble, by Thomas, age 11

Name: Invisqueeble
Age: 10
Favourite food: Parsnip cheesecake
Interesting facts: Reading and being invisible. Invisqueeble is the only invisible Squeeble and uses this to rescue his friends. All the Squeebles love him! 
Why we liked it: Thomas has created an incredibly Squeebly looking Squeeble! We love the idea of being invisible while reading...disappearing with a good book is aways a welcome thought. And we loved that Thomas included the invisible version too! Thank you, Thomas!  

Lucky, by Trinity, age 8

Name: Lucky
Age: 8
Favourite food: Carrot cake and lettuce
Interesting facts: She loves singing and making up her own songs. She's called Lucky because she looks like a four leaf clover which is supposed to be good luck. Did you know Lucky once balanced 10 daisies on top of her head!  
Why we liked it: We really loved the way Lucky is gazing off to the side, perhaps looking at some incredibly lucky thing happening...or perhaps hoping someone might find her. Trinity has chosen a really beautiful colour palette for her Squeeble - we love her lime green freckles. Well done, Trinity!

Cupper, by Jenna-Anne, age 7

Name: Cupper
Age: 9
Favourite food: chocolate ginger biscuits
Interesting facts: Cupper is very energetic ad talks a lot about games, puzzles and more. He likes playing with his friend Ketter and together they make the best cups of tea in the world. He also likes blowing bubbles in his tea. 
Why we liked it: We loved Jenna-Anne's tea-themed Squeeble and the idea of her and her friend reaching such heights in the world of tea-making! We'd quite like to taste a cup! 

Foxbat, by Edith, age 8

Name: Foxbat
Age: 12
Favourite food: Salad with lots of cherry tomatoes
Interesting facts: In Foxbat's neighbourhood, everyone admires her superpower which is being able to talk to animals. Her job is a vet because she can talk to animals, so she can understand what is wrong with them. But ever since her mom and dad died, life was tricky, so she has a little friend with her, called Daisy. But Foxbat has one little secret: she can turn into a bat and a fox. That is why her name is Foxbat. 
Why we liked it: Edith's illustrations are just lovely - very much a story on a page. But then to read her wonderful description too...we really love the idea of a Squeeble being able to transform like this, and also to have a career working with animals in this way. Well done, Edith - this is a sensitive and thoughtful design.

Fruitie, by Ruby, age 10

Name: Fruitie
Age: 6
Favourite food: Blueberries
Interesting facts: She eats so much fruit that she's become a collection of fruit. She's really proud of her banana hair, which took a long time to grow. Also, she won a fruit eating competition when she was only one! 
Why we liked it: This was one of those designs that caused it to gasp with delight when it arrived in our inbox - it's just so totally unique. We love Fruitie's pride in her banana hair too. Thank you, Ruby - this is a really imaginative and special design. 

Loopy-Lu, by Lucie Anne, age 11

Name: Loopy-Lu
Age: 11
Favourite food: Carrots on toast
Interesting facts: Loopy-Lu is a cheerleading Squeeble. She loves to tumble and be at the top of the pyramids. The longest she's held the splits for is 24 hours. And did you know?....She has pom poms for hands.
Why we liked it: Isn't this most joyful looking Squeeble! The colours, expression, and those glorious pea-green pom-poms! We really love your design, Lucie Anne! 

Crazy, by James, age 8

Name: Crazy
Age: 94
Favourite food: beetroot
Interesting facts: tentacles can grow up to 7m long and are good at tickling. 
Why we liked it: James' design certainly does look crazy with all its spirals, stars, waves, spikes, and stripes - we love it! Brilliantly named, drawn, coloured, and imagined - thank you James, for creating an elderly Squeeble with so much sparkle!

Frizzy, by Sophie, age 6

Name: Frizzy
Age: 8
Favourite food: margarita pizza
Interesting facts: Frizzy can bounce 100m high and the love heart on its head means love. Frizzy's hobby is gymnastics.  
Why we liked it: Sophie's design makes us smile each time we see it, and we think it's really special when a piece of art is able to do that - we think it's a combination of the cheerful colours, the happy looking creature, and a little bit of artist's magic! Thank you, Sophie :)

A selection of Squeebles, by Zara age 8

Name: Cleo, Mike, Hilda, Seashell, Ien, Rian, Penny and Colin
Age: from 10 to 110,000
Favourite food: A variety of foods to suit each Squeeble
Interesting facts: Rian's mum is a necklace! Penny's dad is a pound! Colin likes growing fruit, Ien likes collecting sunglasses, Seashell has a pet seahorse, Cleo collects Egyptian artefacts, and Mike likes collecting music discs! 
Why we liked it: So many amazing Squeebles all on one page! Receiving this was like entering a sweet shop lined with jars of the most glorious sweets! Thank you Zara, for all these amazing Squeebles - we particularly loved their hobbies!  

Billy, by Jackson, age 8

Name: Billy
Age: 8
Favourite food: Ice cream
Interesting facts: summoning animals (real or mythical) with two stompos of his gargantuan feet! Billy is scared of nearly anything - but not animals, ghosts, zombies, skeletons - you name it, he's scared of it. Billy spends most of his time on farms or zoos petting the animals. He's not supposed to, but he always finds a way. 
Why we liked it: Billy sounds like he has a real love of animals! We liked imagining what those creatures might make of Billy's beautiful rainbow body and bright yellow legs - we imagine he must really cheer them up when he comes to visit! Well done on an excellent design, Jackson. 

Shine, by Zak, age 5

Name: Shine
Age: 5
Favourite food: Unknown
Interesting facts: Shine's hobbies are doing triple flips on a skateboard. Power 102, Speed 50.  
Why we liked it: Shine is the most brilliant shape and makes a really unique-looking Squeeble - we love his carefully placed spots and friendly face. We were amazed to read that Zak is just five years old. If you keep making incredible pictures like this one, we think you might become a world-famous artist, Zak! 

Rainbow Raz, by Ethan, age 7

Name: Rainbow Raz
Age: 7
Favourite food: Berries
Interesting facts: Rainbow Raz can glow in the dark. 
Why we liked it: Have you ever eaten one of those frozen ice lollies made up of different colours? Ethan's drawing instantly brought that to mind, and we loved his juicy, bright colours too! Well done on creating such a delicious looking Squeeble, Ethan... we were quite tempted to eat your drawing, but in the end it was just too good not to put on our website! 

Kight, by Adrian, age 11

Name: Kight
Age: 12
Favourite food: Sweets and chocolate
Interesting facts: He is a very positive Squeeble and likes spending time with others, but can be a bit bossy. His favourite colour is yellow. 
Why we liked it: Kight's jaunty mouth reminded us a little of a pirate! This design has real impact and is a great Squeeble - thank you, Adrian. 

Rainbow, by Alex, by 8

Name: Rainbow
Age: 6
Favourite food: rainbow
Interesting facts: His hobby is being a rainbow. 
Why we liked it: Rainbow is a rainbow, likes eating rainbows, and enjoys rainbowing. Rainbow is quite simply rainbowtastic! We loved how Alex took a theme and immersed every part of this Squeeble in it! 

Squags, by Georgia, age 10

Name: Squags
Age: 9
Favourite food: Seaweed
Interesting facts: Squags loves living and chasing fish. His scales shine so bright they make a green rainbow in the sky. 
Why we liked it: We loved the idea of a creature who simply enjoys being alive - such a joyful idea. We also love the thought of him shimmering in the sun with his bright green scales. You've created a mesmerising Squeeble, Georgia - well done. 

Punzle, by Willow, age 3

Name: Punzle
Age: 20 or 9
Favourite food: Unknown
Interesting facts: Punzle likes playing outside and eating apples. She has very long hair and she can use it to climb. 
Why we liked it: Willow is our youngest ever entrant! We were so impressed by her wonderful drawing, perfectly-formed lettering and her description of Punzle, which reminded us of a certain fairytale. Thank you, Willow - we really loved your entry! 

Star (mystery creator - name not given)

Name: Star
Age: 10
Favourite food: berries and vegetarian sweets
Interesting facts: Star's hobbies are drawing and flying. She has a pet dragon, Galaxy, and a pet wolf, Satin. She likes helping people achieve their dreams. Star gets her name from the silver stars all over her body. The biggest is on her forehead and it sparkles when she's happy. 
Why we liked it: Star sounds like a wonderfully generous-spirited Squeeble, and we love that her happiness shines out of her too. And a pet wolf! Those little white dots on Star's body give her a mystic air and we can imagine her going off for nighttime adventures with Satin and Galaxy! 

Hugools, by Josh, age 6

Name: Hugools
Age: 6
Favourite food: Marshmallows, because they are squishy like him
Interesting facts: Hugools has six arms so he is great at climbing and gives the best hugs. 
Why we liked it: The cuddly name and squishy description totally drew us in - what a gorgeous Squeeble. We think the Squeebles would love his six-armed hugs! Well done on creating such a warm and caring Squeeble, Josh.

Bumper, by Toby, age 10

Name: Bumper
Age: 10 and a third
Favourite food: Vegetarian sausages
Interesting facts: Bumpers hobbies are bumping into walls and going to the toilet. His feet can turn into rocket boosters.
Why we liked it: We liked Ringo's soft stripes, and most especially the spikes along his head where the colours reminded us of the exotic fruits Ringo likes to eat (specifically, dragonfruit!). Great work, Toby! 
Why we liked it: We loved the idea of a Squeeble whose hobby was sitting on the loo! We're imagining he may need his own personal bathroom to avoid all the other Squeebles having to queue up for hours on end though! This is a really beautiful design - so carefully drawn, we think there may even have been a compass involved!

Superjeto, by Leo, age 6

Name: Superjeto
Age: 1
Favourite food: cupcakes
Interesting facts: Superjeto can fly around the world in thirty seconds! Things of note on the drawing are that the writing in the yellow boxes says 'forward in time machine' and 'back in time machine'. The red area is fire! 
Why we liked it: What a brilliant name for a Squeeble! We also loved the unexplained bits of this picture, like those little green bits bubbling out of him...are they peas or bits of slime?! Either way, we love your picture!

Monty, by Ada, age 7

Name: Monty
Age: 100
Favourite food: snow on rock
Interesting facts: Monty's hobby is mountain goat riding and rock climbing. He is scared of heights. He lives on Squeebles Mountain! 
Why we liked it: We think Ada placed her paper over something slightly bumpy while drawing, and the effect when she then coloured in his body was really special - so much wonderful texture. We also liked that Ada designed quite a contrary Squeeble - a love of rock climbing and life on a mountainside, while scared of heights! What an amazingly characterful creature - awesome work, Ada! 

Moody, by Alma, age 11

Name: Moody
Age: 9
Favourite food: Moody loves some good old vanilla ice cream and he also loves the dark.
Interesting facts: Moody is a glow in the dark monster. He gets big green spots on his body when he is in the dark. Moody doesn't like chocolate spread or mean people. 
Why we liked it: We loved that Alma provided us with a front and back view to let us see the green spots on Moody's back. We also thought Moody seemed a perfect name for a monster...not too nasty, and not too sweet. We love it - thank you, Alma! 

Croakster, by Rebecca, age 12

Name: Croakster
Age: 12
Favourite food: Rainbows
Interesting facts: Croakster likes singing and leaping across lily pads. He likes jumping up high to go and gobble up his favourite food 'rainbows'. Every time he eats a chunk, it stains his mouth the colour of the rainbows. 
Why we liked it: We loved the idea of the evidence of what Croakster's been eating staining his mouth, especially when it's so colourful - a brilliant design where Rebecca has united appearance and character to glorious effect - well done! 

Dottie, by Shepherd, age 10

Name: Dottie
Age: 7
Favourite food: sunflower seeds 
Interesting facts: Dottie likes gardening and playing with her pet hedgehog, Sir Prickles. Dottie is a gentle and tenderhearted Squeeble for just about everything. She has a great compassion for every animal, but owls, which she fears. She can put her legs into her shell if she needs too . And Dottie has a great love for gardening and tries her best at everything. 
Why we liked it: We loved what Shepherd said just as much as the accompanying artwork - tenderhearted just feels like such a beautifully descriptive word and Dottie seems to embody this in so many ways. Keep writing and drawing, Shepherd - we love your work. 

Jump, by Anthony, age 6

Age: 9.5
Favourite food: He loves Brussels sprouts because they give him energy to jump.
Interesting facts: Jump can jump higher than an aeroplane and he is the best! He loves to play rugby and scores lots of tries.
Why we liked it: How could we not love a Squeeble who is jet-propelled by Brussels sprouts? What an amazing idea, Anthony. And what fabulous artwork too. 

Ringo, by Toby, age 9

Age: 10
Favourite food: exotic fruit
Interesting facts: Ringo likes flying through rainbows while drinking smoothies. 
Why we liked it: We liked Ringo's soft stripes, and most especially the spikes along his head where the colours reminded us of the exotic fruits Ringo likes to eat (specifically, dragonfruit!). Great work, Toby! 

Stormy, by Grace, age 8

Name: Stormy
Age: 8
Favourite food: Chocolate ice cream 
Interesting facts: Stormy is like a mirror. If you shine a light at her, it reflects back! She doesn't look like a mirror though. Also, Stormy was struck by lightning. It made her look like a thundercloud. It also made her super strong! 
Why we liked it: We really loved the description - this is exactly the kind of magic we like in a Squeeble - thank you, Grace! 

Viney, by Daniel, age 5

Name: Viney
Age: unknown
Favourite food: Honey
Interesting facts: Viney's hobbies are playing with his vines. His colour force is green.  
Why we liked it: Viney has great visual impact and we loved his hobby of playing with vines - he sounds like a very gentle creature. Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork with us, Daniel! 

Safe Sammy, by Charlie, age 7

Name: Safe Sammy
Age: 8
Favourite food: Apples 
Interesting facts: He is from the NHS to keep you safe. 
Why we liked it: In this odd time of lockdown, a rainbow straight from the NHS feels wonderfully topical - we loved Safe Sammy's extra legs, which we imagine would help him rush around the hospital keeping his patients safe! Thank you, Charlie!

Squeeby, by Alexia, age 11

Name: Squeeby
Age: 4000
Favourite food: Blue cheese
Interesting facts: Telling stories about when she was a young Squeeble. She knows everything about Squeebles games and has some of them on her
Why we liked it: we were delighted to recognise a scene from each app when we studied Squeeby - wonderful attention to detail, Alexia - thank you!

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