Design a Squeeble Competition - May 2016 - The Winners

Well, after a LOT of deliberation, we've finally made our decision, but what a difficult decision it was to make. The standard of entries was higher than ever, with outstanding artwork from children around the world and some incredibly imaginative and creative ideas for new Squeeble personalities. In the end, we picked one overall winner (winner of a £50 Amazon voucher), four runners-up (winners of £25 Amazon vouchers). We've also chosen a large handful of designs to share further down the page, just because it would be such a shame to keep so many wonderful creations trapped in our inbox, rather than sharing them! Well done to everyone who entered - we would have loved to include every single entry here, if we had the time to do so. 

Eclipse, by Ignatius, Age 5

As soon as we saw Ignatius' fantastic drawing, we knew we were looking at one of our winners. We love the sun/moon theme to Eclipse, as well as his friendly face and late-to-bed/early-to-rise personality. At any age, Ignatius' bold execution of this idea would be impressive, but at just five years old this blew us away! Congratulations on your win, Ignatius! 

Name: Eclipse
Age: 10
Favourite Food: Oranges
Hobby: Looking at stars
Scared of: Rain
Interesting Fact: Eclipse likes to stay up late at night but he also likes to get up in the mornings to look at the sun. Then he goes and plays.

Bolin, by Ira, Age 10

Sent in by his teacher at Flushing School (Cornwall), Ira's beautiful use of colour really caught our attention and we loved Bolin's little teeth and different coloured eyes. There's a very monsterish appeal to this new Squeeble. And Is that fire on Bolin's head? Or Jelly? We don't know, but we love it! Well done to Ira! Here's everything you need to know about Bolin:

Name: Bolin
Age: 10
Favourite Food: Jelly & Ice Cream
Hobby: Archery
Interesting Fact: He always gets bulls eyes in archery.

Dat, by Alice, Age 6

Wow! This colourful Squeeble is a combination of a purple dog and a turquoise cat. Dat has been beautifully illustrated by Alice, looking almost ethereal, rendered in shimmering inks! This one was a tricky one for us to digitise, so we really hope that we've done Alice's wonderful drawing justice. We are in awe of your drawing skills, Alice! Congratulations on being a runner-up!

Name: Dat
Age: 7
Favourite food: apple pancakes with cream
Hobby: dancing while juggling
Interesting fact: Dat once danced on a mountain for 7 hours!!!

Snec, by Robert, Age 8

Snec just looks so Squeebly!!! From the single sharp tooth to his unusual shape and lopsided smile, he fits perfectly with the other Squeebles. If you can't see him it's because, well, he never gets seen. Congratulations to Robert - we think Snec will be a fine addition to Squeebles Island! Here are the key facts:

Name: Snec
Age: 62 (this is very old for a Squeeble)
Favourite Food: Banana Soup (mmmm)
Hobby: Sneezing!
Interesting Fact: He never gets seen!

Bumps, by Lucy, Age 8

Half sand, half sea, we absolutely loved Lucy's fresh and sunshiny idea for this Squeeble and visually Bumps looks like the embodiment of seasideness! We also loved Bumps' jaunty stance and shape. Congratulations, Lucy, on such a beautifully and thoughtfully designed Squeeble! 

Name: Bumps
Age: 10
Favourite Food: Marshmallow
Hobby: Swimming
Interesting Fact: Bumps likes the sand and the sea so it is very hard to spot him!

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Design a Squeeble Competition - Some of the Other Awesome Entrants

Please know that we loved EACH and EVERY design we received, even if it hasn't been featured here!


Jel, by Arthur, Age 10

We were blown away by this bold and colourful design from Arthur and it made it down to our final 10! Keep up with your wonderful drawing, Arthur!

Drift, by Noah, Age 9

We thought this was such a joyful and Squeeble-like design! Well done, Noah!

Spike, by Alex,  Age 6
We absolutely loved this spiky design by Alex - we also loved that it looks like he's wearing a medal on his chest!


Cookie, by Molly, Age 8

We're now looking at ways to adapt our own bodies to try and incorporate a permanently attached cookie for times when we're feeling peckish! We love that Cookie has already taken a bite out of his!

Nightingale, by Alice, Age 11

Every now and then a design arrives that just makes us stop and sigh: we think Nightingale may actually be one of the cutest things in existence! Beautifully designed, Alice.

Fire King, by Jake,  Age 10
Fire King was sent in to us by Jake's teacher and we loved both Fire King's name and his ingenious arm attachments! Well done, Jake!


Scoop, by William, Age 7

We loved the bold, striking colours that William had chosen for his design and Scoop's antenna-like eyes! A really wonderful design, William.

Rodge, by Connor, Age 11

We were delighted by the almost-human name for this Squeeble and by the fact that Rodge grew a moustache at just two years old! 

Ema, by Edie,  Age 9
We thought this was a really adorable design, which seemed so incredibly characterful - you can almost see how lively Ema would be! 


Cleo, by Amelie

We were struck by what incredibly soulful eyes Cleo has. We also really loved how painterly and colourful this Squeeble design is. Thank you, Amelie - your artwork is glorious! 

Double, by Elliot, Age 8

Elliot's Squeeble apparently likes to hang upside-down and scare bats by pulling silly faces at them! We love this idea and can imagine Double doing this! Well done on an excellent design, Elliot. 

Elly, by Lily, Age 9
We adore Elly's spiky pigtails and sharp tail, which is beautifully contrasted by a wavy dividing line and a friendly face! A really lovely character, Lily! Thank you! 


Giant, by Calum, Age 5

With its arms wide open, we couldn't decide whether Giant was running for a cuddle or about to take off, but we love either option and thought Calum had designed a fantastic Squeeble!

Hotzicool, by Alexia, Age 8

On everything from the name, to the colours and personality traits, Alexia had embraced the theme of dividing the Squeeble in exactly the way we were hoping for! Hotzicool is a wonderful Squeeble - well done, Alexia!

Imiw, by Nico,  Age 3
At three, he was one of our very youngest competition entrants and we love Nico's wonderful, towering Squeeble and the brilliant symmetry of his design! Well done, Nico!


Candy, by Ava, Age 10

We're told that after going to 'the hot side' Candy melted and then had to be placed in a freezer for a month to recover! We love both the story and this beautiful rendering of an Ice-Cream Sunday Squeeble. Thank you, Ava! 

Blaze, by Ben, Age 10

We loved Blaze's flaming head of hair and the contrasting ice on the other half of his body. We're told that Blaze has a white wolf as a pet, which only makes him seem more intriguing. A wonderful design and back-story, Ben!

Jesty, by Daniel, Age 10
We absolutely fell in love with the 'tears of a clown' idea behind Daniel's Squeeble, Jesty. We're told that 'even though Jesty loves making people laugh, sometimes he feels a bit blue, which is why half of him is happy and half of him is sad'. Daniel, this is such an incredibly beautiful and sensitive Squeeble design - really well done!


Jumble, by Lucy, Age 3

Three year old Lucy coloured in the outline that her mum had created and what fine colouring it is! We love the contrasting pinks and the cheeky pink tongue! Beautiful work, Lucy! 

Maths, by Holly, Age 7

With a body of division, multiplication and addition signs, we love how mathsy Maths is and, as you'd hope with a head full of operators, she's apparently fairly awesome with numbers! Well done on creating a Squeeble that's so very in keeping with our apps, Holly!

Mr Rainbow, by Shelton, Age 7
Mr Rainbow, who has one half in fading pastels and the other in brighter stripes, was a hit here! What an absolutely beautiful and imaginative design, Shelton! 


Polly, by Bella, Age 7

We loved this heart-shaped Squeeble and her beautiful colours that thoughtfully ran through her eyes, body and feet in alternate positions. Thank you for designing such a well-considered Squeeble, Bella. 

Rowbot, by Nate, Age 6

Nate wrote that Rowbot is having trouble jumping between trees, which gave us a really good picture of what Rowbot gets up to! We loved Nate's striking green, white and red design, which reminded us of the Italian flag. Well designed, Nate! 

Scoop, by Sasha, Age 8
Scoop has such an endearing smile and we loved how artfully Sasha has used colour to add interest to her Squeeble. A really beautiful design, Sasha!
Speedy, by Madi, Age 9

With her pointy head, which looks reminiscent of a rocket, we can imagine Speedy winning races! We loved your well thought out design, Madi!

Weather, by Rubie, Age 9

We love this beautiful collection of weather fronts that Rubie has gathered into one Squeeble! Encompassing cloud, rain, lightning, sun and even a rainbow, it could so easily be a mishmash of a Squeeble, but Rubie has masterfully made it all hang together so that Weather looks absolutely perfectly designed! What a skilful artist - you have our admiration, Rubie! 

Voul-Vol, by Edie
Apparently Voul-Vol once made a bumpy tower out of metal that was lots of small statues of Squeebles joined together! We're rather taken with this idea and love the idea of a metal-working Squeeble! Inspirational, Edie! 
Blobbie, by Ollie, Age 4

Ollie said that his Squeeble changes colour to match whatever colour food he's eaten! What a magnificent idea! We think Bobbie may have recently been eating Rainbow Drops. Thank you for creating such a wonderful Squeeble for us, Ollie! 

Brrrr,  by Myles, Age 8

Myles' Squeeble can rapid-fire both water and snowballs! This seems like such an ingenious way of dividing a Squeeble both visually and practically! We're not sure we'd want to stand too near to Brrrr seems like feeling cold would be the only outcome! Well done on a wonderful and imaginative design, Myles!

Geo, by Hannah, Age 9
Squeebles tend to be bold and cleanly shaped creatures and Hannah has encapsulated this perfectly with Geo. We share Geo's dislike of green peppers (although we quite like the red ones!) and love Geo's interesting fact story. Thank you, Hannah, for an absolutely brilliantly designed Squeeble - your entry was such a close contender! 

Buble, by Rafe, Age 5

We love this magnificent explosion of colour and activity! Rafe apparently drew his Squeeble playing in front of his house with his friend, Mr Whale, which we thought sounded like a perfect way to spend a day! (We're really sorry - we had to crop this picture a little to get it to fit!). Thank you for putting your fantastic imagination into action for our competition, Rafe!

Ice, by Marcus, Age 9

With spiky icicles all over his body, Ice is a chilly sort of Squeeble who has even built an ice palace for himself to live in! We love the idea of Ice eating bright orange carrots though - it feels like a wonderful contrast to the rest of his icy world! Thank you for creating a wonderful design, Marcus! 

Marquell, by Marquell, Age 10
Marquell's teacher at Lauriston School sent in this wonderful Squeeble design, which Marquell created during 'golden time'. Marquell is such a brilliantly designed Squeeble with his stripes, areas of solid bold colour and large, expressive mouth! We also loved that Marquell's interesting fact was so in keeping with our request for Squeebles to be 'divided' in some way: Marquell once went to Spain with a woolly hat! Thank you for such a thoughtfully-designed Squeeble, Marquell.

Od-Bod the Awesome, by Jonah, Age 9

We loved Jonah's bold design and its exuberant name! This would make a really wonderful Squeeble - thank you so much, Jonah!

Puff, by Tabitha, Age 9

We thought 'candyfloss!' before we even read Tabitha's description when this arrived in our inbox! Puff is delightfully candyflossy in a confection of pink! A wonderful, almost edible, design, Tabitha!

Deevee, by Emerson, Age 8
Emerson's Squeeble was completely unique in this competition in being the only one that was made in 3D! Sent to us by her teacher, we were so impressed with Emerson's beautiful artwork! 
Raniputer, by Harry, Age 8

We love that Harry has coloured only part of his design. Half rainbow, half computer with USB cable for arms and legs, we think this is an ingenious design, that feels almost as though it's a Squeeble from the future! Well done, Harry! 

Shylee, by Veronica, Age 4

Veronica was helped by her older sister, Hannah, with her entry and we think it's a wonderful team effort. We love Shylee's sweet personality and her warm, friendly face. A beautiful drawing, Veronica!

Slash, by Charlotte, Age 8
Charlotte has clearly understood the essence of a Squeeble as her design looks so incredibly Squeeble-like! We love that Slash's dividing line comes from being hit by lightning when he was 2! A truly wonderful design, Charlotte, and a near-winner! 
Snap, by Rebecca, Age 8

Snap is apparently very photogenic and loves having her photo taken and we can see why - we love her sweet mouse-like face and soft grey and pink body. Well done on creating a beautiful design, Rebecca. 

Swurll, by Eliza, Age 3 

What a wonderful Squeeble! Swurll can apparently turn into a tornado and this is shown so well with her swirling body and the corkscrew of wind through the centre! A really beautiful drawing, Eliza!

Talulah the Tulip, by Eloise, Age 9
We adored Eloise's tulip design, who has stars in her eyes and beautiful shades of purple across her body. Well done for coming up with such a unique and lovely design, Eloise! 
Boom, by Jamie, Age 10

Not only did we love his interesting shape, but as one half of the KeyStageFun team is also a football coach, we were delighted by Boom's high goal count! He sounds like a very talented player! Well done, Jamie, in coming up with such a striking design! 

Hog, by Alex, Age 9

Hog is a really interesting-looking Squeeble and very different from any of the other entries! We love his many spikes, his angular body and the fact that he survived falling in a pond and not resurfacing for two whole days! Congratulations on a brilliantly designed Squeeble, Alex! 

Ori, by Noah, Age 10
We love Noah's neat and precise drawing style and the extra Squeebles he designed to go with Ori! Ori has a wonderful shape and we love his two-tone blue body! Well done, Noah! 
Petalface, by Milly, Age 8

We absolutely adore the name Petalface! And Petalface herself is rather lovely too! We like that her body is divided in half and then half again with the two-tone shading. A really lovely design, Milly!  

Sir Pugno, by Zachary, Age 11

A runner-up in our Design-a-Rocket competition, Zachary has returned with another stunning design! He tells us that Pugno means 'I fight' in Latin! Sir Pugno apparently likes to ride Onion (the creature in our Squeebles Word Search game) while jousting! We got a real sense of a strong, cohesive theme from Zachary's thoughtful design. 

Skull, by Harry, Age 7
Skull has an electric horn! This detail has intrigued and delighted us and we were so impressed by Harry's imaginative design! 
Sparky, by Hugo, Age 11

Not only is Sparky an excellent creation, but he also has some wonderful personality details that tie in neatly with his design - such as that he once burnt down a forest with his lightning! Well done, Hugo!

Spikey, by Faye, Age 6

We really love this beautiful, rounded design from Faye! Spikey is, naturally, topped off with spikes, but you can also find them on his hands too! We love how colourful and cheerful Spikey looks - well done on a fantastic design, Faye! 

Splitzer, by Millie, Age 10
We loved everything about Millie's design - creating the division we'd asked for with a straw for her milkshake-themed Squeeble is such a brilliant idea! And Splitzer has a very impressive cherry-eating record! Well done on a really marvellous design, Millie! 

Twist, by Maisie, Age 9

Twist looks so incredibly well designed and it's easy to envisage her in digitised Squeeble-form with very little input from us! If only we could pick more winners, this one would almost certainly have been included! We love Twist's third eye and her fancy hair bow! Congratulations on a beautiful design, Maisie! 

Squiggl, by Freddie, Age 10

We thought Freddie's idea for Squiggl was really impressive - made from a knot of string and fluff, if any gets broken off it will apparently grow back! And we loved that Squiggl's favourite food, spaghetti, echoed his looks. This was such a well thought out design, Freddie - very well done! 

Spooky, by Oliver, Age 9

We love the interesting detail that Spooky descends from a family of bats, but took seven years to grow some bat wings! This was a really beautifully designed Squeeble - well done to Oliver!