Design a Squeeble Competition Winter 2021

Many of the Squeebles in our existing apps have actually been designed by previous competition winners (you can see some of them here and here), so we're delighted to announce our latest competition, which we hope will be a welcome activity if you're homeschooling due to the latest Covid-19 lockdown. Here's what we're looking for from our Design a Squeeble Winter 2021 Competition...

The Artwork

We're looking for a design that lands in our inbox and makes us stop what we're doing with its brilliance...not because it's artistically 'perfect', but because the creativity and imagination that's gone into it is really apparent. It could be a painting with quirky features that reflect the Squeeble's personality, or a bold felt-tipped design where the artist has clearly gone wild - just ask your child to think Squeeble (because we'll want any new addition to sit well amongst the existing family) and then put their whole heart into it!

The Character

The Squeeble's character description is just as important to us as the accompanying artwork, and we'd like your child to be as imaginative as possible. Can their Squeeble do something incredible that's completely unique to them? Do they have a particular fear or worry? Do they have any interesting hobbies or collections? Are any of these things reflected in the Squeeble's appearance?

The Prizes

The Overall Winner
 - We'll pick one overall winner, who will receive a £30 Amazon voucher and a copy of each of our apps. We'll also digitise their Squeeble design to appear in a future app (new apps can take a while to come into the world, but we think this part of the prize is worth waiting for).

Two Runners Up
 - We'll choose two runners up who'll receive a £15 Amazon voucher, a copy of two of our apps, and have their Squeeble digitised to appear in a future app (again, new apps can take a while to come into the world, but we think this part of the prize is worth waiting for).

The Chance To Be Featured on Our Website
 - While we can't feature every design we receive, we always do our best to highlight as many as possible on our website.

How to Enter

Whether you're a parent, guardian or teacher, simply e-mail a scan or photo of your child's design(s) as a .jpeg, .png or .pdf attachment to, including the following information in the body of the e-mail:

  • The Squeeble's name (15 characters maximum)
  • The Squeeble's age; hobbies; favourite food (Squeebles are vegetarian, so no meaty treats, please); and any interesting facts about him or her. Creativity is encouraged - we are looking for interesting, characterful Squeebles!
  • Your child's first name and age (we don't need their surname)
  • Your full name and contact details (we will never share these details with anyone - you can find our full privacy statement here).
  • We also need you to agree to the terms and conditions on behalf of your child. Please read the Terms & Conditions below, then add the following sentence in your email:
 "I, [NAME of parent/guardian/teacher], agree to the KeyStageFun "Design a Squeeble Winter 2021" competition terms and conditions, as included on the KeyStageFun website at [DATE]."
Entries directly sent by children without parental consent or without the above sentence included won't be considered, so please be sure to double-check your entry! 

The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 7th March 2021. 

Who Can Enter...

Anyone can enter, as long as they are 12 years old or younger and as long as they have had a parent, guardian or teacher agree to our terms and conditions by including the sentence above in their entry.

Terms & Conditions of Entry...

[Parents / teachers / guardians... please read the below terms and conditions and then copy and paste the following agreement sentence into the e-mail including your entry "I, [NAME of parent/guardian/teacher], agree to the KeyStageFun "Design a Squeeble Spring 2020" competition terms and conditions, as included on the KeyStageFun website at [DATE]."


"The Entry" - this refers to the drawing, character description and any other information submitted as part of your competition entry.
"The Entrant" - this refers to yourself and your child - the people entering the competition.

1. Rights Ownership

I understand and agree that the copyright / rights to the digitally created version of the enclosed entry (The Entry), any artwork inspired by The Entry and any character description or personality information linked to The Entry will be owned by KeyStageFun (Tiny Spark Ideas Ltd.) for potential use in the Squeebles series of educational apps and in any promotional materials for KeyStageFun and their products.

2. Usage

I understand and agree that KeyStageFun may use The Entry, including any drawings, artwork, ideas, or character information on their website, on any social media channels, on product packaging or advertising materials both in the original form and as part of any adapted artwork or imagery. 

3. Credits

The Entrant will be credited if they are selected as a winner or runner-up within the app that features their design and on the KeyStageFun website for at least one month after the announcement of the winning entries, but not in any further places where The Entry is featured. Only their first name and age will be used in any credit.

4. Financial Compensation

I understand that neither The Entrant, nor their school/family, will receive any financial gain from the sale of any product featuring The Entry.

5. Privacy

KeyStageFun take privacy seriously and will ONLY display first names and ages of entrants on our website or anywhere else publicly accessible. No surnames or other information that could be used to individually identify any child will be included on our website or in our apps. Unless the Entrant's parent, guardian or teacher expressly states otherwise, their details will not be automatically added to our mailing list. 

6. Prizes

The prizes shall be offered as described and cannot be swapped for any other prizes. If the winner is from outside the UK, the value of Amazon tokens will be calculated as the equivalent of £30/£15 GBP, based on the exchange rates at the time we announce the winners, and will be paid in the form of Amazon vouchers.

7. Future

I understand that any similarities between any future characters created by KeyStageFun and non-winning entries are purely coincidental and in no way based on The Entry.

8. Closing Date

The closing date for the competition is midnight on 7th March 2021. Any entries received after this date will not be accepted for judging, although we'd love to see your children's Squeebles-related artwork at any time :)

9. There is no No.9
But we like round numbers, so...

10. Have fun!

That's it for all the boring official stuff. Have fun!!!

Any questions, e-mail

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