Fun Stuff

Design a Squeeble Competition 2021!

Would your child love to see their own Squeeble design in one of our apps? If you're homeschooling, this is a fun activity involving literacy, creativity, and imagination. Enter here...

Squeeble Island Map

All the Squeebles are on here except for one - can you work out who it is? Updated to include our latest competition winners from May 2020. Download / print it here...

Clock Faces to Download and Print!

Created in response to our customers' requests, a variety of cheery printable clock faces to supplement digital learning on our Squeebles Tell the Time App! Download here...

Official Squeebles Designed by YOU!!!

Many of the Squeebles you'll meet in our apps have been designed by our incredibly talented Squeebles fans, who've been either winners or runners-up in the frequent competitions that we run! Meet them all now...

Artwork Sent in by YOU!!!

We love it when you send in your drawings and artwork. This is just a small selection of it. If you'd like to send in a drawing, just email 

"Who's Who?" Poster

Our "Who's Who?" poster features every single Squeeble we've ever created. Who would you most like to be friends with? Download and print it here...

Tongue Twisters!!!

Make your tongue loop-the-loop and tie itself in knots with Whizz's collection of tongue twisters. Fall over your words here...

Entries in our Design-a-Rocket Comp

We threw open an invitation to design a rocket for our next app. Here's what our talented young Squeebles users came up with...

 Times Tables Chart

This multiplication grid make a great A4 poster for any Squeebles fans who need a little extra, colourful fun. Download it, stick it on your wall and enjoy...

We have 2 different desktop wallpapers for you at a variety of sizes, for computer, phone or tablet. Find out more and download here...


How to Tell Your Left and Right

On our Meet the Squeebles blog, Whizz reveals a trick to help children remember their left from their right. See it now...

Meet the Squeebles Blog!!!

The Meet the Squeebles blog is written by Whizz and it's full of stories, tongue-twisters, tricks for learning tricky things and other fun stuff. Visit it now...

A Trick for Learning the 9x Table

Whizz shares a special trick for learning the nine times table. Impress parents, teachers and friends by always having the answers at your fingertips! Learn it now...
A Dot-to-Dot Print Out 

Print out this Squeebles dot-to-dot, following the numbers as you go. Download it now...

The Winners of our 2020 Competition

During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, our "Design a Squeeble" competition saw our inbox flooded with amazing creations from all over the world. In the end we picked 5 winners. See some of the entries here...

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Squeebles: Maths Race £2.99
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Squeebles: Word Search £2.99
Squeebles: Tell the Time £2.99
Squeebles: Flip Multiplication £2.99
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