Our Team

Ian Knapp

Ian created the first Squeebles app in his spare time in 2010 to help his daughter learn her times tables. He hadn’t expected that children all over the world would be helped by it too, but that’s what happened and so he made the leap to focus on creating Squeebles apps full time. When he’s not puzzling over geeky lines of code and thinking about new ways to help children learn, he can often be found with a flapjack in his hand; tending to his vegetables; playing the guitar; playing in or coaching a football team; or taking his dog, Nell, for a walk.

Ian’s favourite things are: cheese; tracking down the world’s best pizza; climbing mountains; football and playing the guitar. 


Although Florence originally came up with the name 'Squeebles', she didn’t officially start working alongside Ian until a little later in about 2012. Now she works on everything from graphics to promotion. It's also her voice that you'll hear in any of the pre-recorded KeyStageFun spelling tests. At meetings, Florence usually appears at the table with a needle and thread in hand - an obsessive dressmaker and quilter, in her spare time she keeps a sewing blog, has contributed to a book produced by the V&A Museum, as well as writing a book of her own.

Florence’s favourite things are: hand-sewing; reading; writing; photography.


Golden Retriever, Nell, is KeyStageFun’s chief paper shredder, lunch-time companion and winter foot-warmer. Nell brings joyful exuberance to work each day and keeps her team well-bonded with daily displays of silliness. 

Nell’s favourite things: bounding around; sleeping; looking expectant at all times; eating things (anything is fine really); thinking about eating things and commando-crawling through mud whilst looking very happy.

Nell is 5 years old.

The Squeeble Beasts

From being the original inspiration for creating the very first Squeebles app, our children (now teenagers!) are involved in everything from coming up with ideas for new apps, discussing game-play, designing Squeebles, inventing the hundreds of curious icecream and cake ingredients in the Squeebles Maths Bingo and Squeebles Fractions games…to finally testing the apps. When an app is nearly ready, they carry out the final testing for bugs and errors and it’s thanks to them that our apps are released with very few teething problems. 

Our girl's favourite things: reading by a warm radiator and doing yoga (not at the same time).

Our boy's favourite things: playing football and table tennis. 

All Our Educational Games:All apps: Price * iPhone / iPad Mac OSX Android Kindle
Squeebles: Complete Bundle (10 apps) £22.99 **
Squeebles: Times Tables £3.99
Squeebles: Spelling Test £4.99
Squeebles: Number Bonds £3.99
Squeebles: Maths Race £2.99
Squeebles: Punctuation £2.99
Squeebles: Word Search £2.99
Squeebles: Tell the Time £2.99
Squeebles: Flip Multiplication £2.99
Squeebles: Maths Bingo £1.99
Squeebles: Division £2.99
Squeebles: Addition & Subtraction £2.99
Squeebles: Fractions £1.99

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** Bundle prices represent approximately a 25% discount on the price of the same apps bought individually.