Squeebles Addition & Subtraction

Squeebles Addition and Subtraction

The Squeebles want to take part in the Squeeble-cart rally but the Maths Monster has stolen all the cars and he'll only give them back if you can do well in addition and subtraction questions. There are 4 difficulty levels, a car racing mini game, plenty of rewards and 24 Squeebles to collect.



About This App

One of the key building blocks of numeracy at primary school are the number bonds (sometimes also called addition facts).

These are simple additions with answers between 1 and 20, and the aim is that eventually each child will be able to recall the answers instantly. Knowing that 7 + 8 = 15 will help when adding 8 to any number ending in 7, or when adding 80 to 70, and so on. This game covers these number bonds as well as larger additions and subtractions featuring numbers up to 1000.

There are 4 difficulty levels (beginner, medium, hard and very hard) available across 6 different game modes (addition, subtraction, random, fill the gaps, tricky questions and adding money). This ensures what whatever level your child is at they can benefit from the app - from beginners learning their first number bonds up to 10 to advanced mathematicians!

Even adults will find many of the "very hard" level a challenge.By doing well in their tests, children earn stars which they can trade for squeeble-carts (cars they can use in the app's included Squeeble-cart mini-game). They also earn turns on the Squeeble-cart game by doing well, so their progress in their maths tests is directly related to how much fun they get to have playing Squeeble-cart.

There are also 24 Squeebles to rescue from the clutches of the nasty Maths Monster and power-ups to win too.

US and UK English options are available (so the Maths Monster becomes the Math Monster etc.), money can be displayed in pounds/dollars/euros, full stats are available for each child so parents can see how they are doing and unlimited children can be registered with the app, making it just as usable in the classroom as in the home.

As with all our apps, there are no in-app purchases, 3rd-party adverts or web links of any kind so the app is 100% safe for your child.

Customer Reviews

It is quite hard to find any key stage curriculum apps for junior school. This is one of best and I've looked hard. My daughter age 7 enjoys the challenges, it is flexibility to suit different skill levels. I can see commend all the Squeebles apps.
The squeebles maths apps are great. Both my 9 & 5 year old use this one and you can vary the level of difficulty according to the child. I also have x, /, and bingo Fun, straight forward to use & the kids actually enjoy practicing their maths :-) If you're looking for fun maths apps for ages 5-10 to practice addition & subtraction then all I can say is buy it!
My son was lacking confidence in maths, but thanks to this his mental maths skills are really improving. Would also recommend sqeebles Times tables as well.
My son has just turned 6 and its quite challenging getting him to do any work. I downloaded this app this morning and have been utterly amazed by how much he's loving it. On his first session he did 50 sums with no complaint and actually asked to play this before he went to bed. It has even surpassed his love of Minion Rush....absolute genius!
Maths practice had always been a battle at home but my eight year old LOVES the Squeebles apps. She has gained so much in confidence and made impressive progress since being introduced to them. Fab!
Another great learning resource from the squeebles range. Includes diffefent levels of difficulty and groups incorrect answers into a 'tricky' section to answer seperately. Includes game rewards and allows for diffefent user profiles.
My son will happily play this every day without any moans and groans, which he would certainly make if he was asked to do some maths. Great product would definitely recommend.
I love this app I got the app for my son he was weak in his sums and it helped him a lot it's really good for kids helps a lot.
This has been an amazing help for my kids. Learning maths can be boring for some so this 'game' gets them learning without noticing. They even willingly read over the times tables!
My daughter (8yrs) loves them all. Well thought out, family friendly with lots of features. Developers are great to chat with as well. Cannot recommend highly enough.
My son is 6 and in kindergarten. I was looking for a game to help him learn basic addition and subtraction. This game was recommended and I am so glad that I got it for him. He enjoys practicing his math and loves the reward of playing the Squeeble Cart mini-game as a reward for correct answers. He also enjoys turning in the points he earns for other Squeebles and carts, which are all adorable. It is a game that will grow with him as well. It starts with 1-10 and goes all the way up to adding and subtracting in the 100's. He is learning and quickly chooses this game over many others on my Kindle: Sonic the Hedgehog, Temple Run, Skylanders--and trust me he loves these games. I would strongly recommend this game to any other parent looking for a great math learning game.
A fun app! And I'm 9!
I bring my Amazon kindle fire and my samsung galaxy 2 in to school for my daughters second grade math class. Until now, most of the students have begged for their turn to be on the samsung because it had squeebles. I have a dozen or so math games on both tablets and this is the favorite of almost every kid in the class. THANK YOU for bringing squeebles to amazon!
Got this a couple of days ago, my 5 year old is as happy to play this as games such as wind-up knight, angry birds etc. The elements of reward and working towards buying more cars really seem to grab his attention.
The boys love this
My kids have great fun with this app. Nice incentives to keep learning and coming back to play.