Squeebles Division

Squeebles Division 2

The Maths Monster has been up to his old tricks again and has taken more Squeebles prisoner. Help Jingo rescue them by answering division questions across 6 game modes. Helps consolidate times tables knowledge and introduces the concept of remainders.




About This App

This app started out as the reverse of our Squeebles Times Tables app. Where a child may be confident saying that 4 x 9 is 36, when asked what 36 ÷ 4 is, they often find that more tricky. So this game helps them recognise the divisions for all 12 of the basic tables sets.Six game modes help children of all abilities to work through their division in a friendly, fun way...

  • Division 1 - 12: answer division questions across all the basic times tables sets from the ones to the twelves. For every complete set answered correctly, the Maths Monster will release a Squeeble.
  • Tricky Divisions: whenever a question is answered incorrectly, it gets stored in this area. So, at any time, your child can be tested on the divisions they found difficult. Once they get a "Tricky Division" right three times, it is removed from this area.
  • Mix it Up: a completely random set of 12 division questions is asked. As a parent or teacher, you can block certain division sets from appearing in this type of quiz, thereby tailoring the questions to each individual child.
  • Fill the Gap: this mode is slightly different in that it gives you the answer and asks that you fill in the gap. So, a sample question might be 63 ÷ ? = 7. 12 randomly selected questions are asked, again with the ability for parents and teachers to block certain questions from appearing.
  • Remainders: none of the questions in this game mode divide exactly - there will always be a remainder. The child has to answer the division part of the question and enter the remainder.
  • Extreme Division: all the questions in this game mode are based on dividing by 13, 14 or 15. These questions are tough!

Reward System

As well as rescuing the 35 Squeebles from the Maths Monster, there are other rewards to win, including 24 rainbow stones (colourful gem stones), turns on the app's built in mini game, "Cloud Dash", and gold stars that unlock more Cloud Dash levels.

The Cloud Dash mini game is a fun platform game involving the Squeebles, that children only earn turns on by doing well in their division questions. Every time they use up their turns on Cloud Dash, they have to return to the educational part of the app to earn more turns. This motivates children to want to continue to answer their division questions.


Other Information

Unlimited user profiles can be created on any one device, so if you have more than one child learning their division they can progress independently of each other at their own pace.

As with all our apps, there are no in-app purchases, no adverts and no internet links of any kind.