Squeebles Maths Bingo

Squeebles Maths Bingo

The Maths Monster has stolen all the ingredients from Ruby's ice cream parlour and chased all the customers away. By answering multiplication, division, addition and subtraction questions and marking the answers on your bingo card, you can help Ruby win the ingredients back from the Maths Monster and convince the customers to return. Then you can have fun making great ice creams to serve to them!



About This App

There are 5 game modes - multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and random - from which you can choose to answer questions in an attempt to earn back the ice cream ingredients the Maths Monster stole from Ruby's ice cream parlour.

During each game you're presented with a bingo card containing 25 numbers. Each time you're asked a question, you have to find the number on the card and mark it off. By getting 5 correct answers in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), you complete your bingo card.

With 200 individual ice cream ingredients to unlock and 24 Squeebles to collect, this game has a reward system which will keep children occupied as well as engaging their imaginations - but only if they do their maths first, as they can only win new ingredients, ice cream cones and Squeebles by doing well on the maths bingo game.

Stats keep parents in touch with how their children are doing.

Unlimited user profiles can be created on any one device, making Squeebles Maths Bingo ideal for use in the classroom as well as at home.

As with all our apps there are no in-app purchases, no advertising and no web links of any kind.


Customer Reviews

Educational and great fun, keeps all my children interested without realising its educational. I have several of the developers apps and its great to find a UK educational developer of applications.
I have bought all of the previous squeebles apps because they have been so successful in getting my children to want to practice their maths skills. I was therefore very pleased to see this latest addition to the squeebles family, and the children were eager to give it a go as they have loved all the previous squeebles games. We were not disappointed! This app tests all four basic maths functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in a fun bingo format. The children were keen to keep playing the maths games to earn as many ingredients as possible (and win squeebles) for the separate ice cream parlour game, which they love! Another fantastic 5 star squeebles app!
Just like to rest of the squeebles this one is well worth getting. 69p well spent ! My 71/2 yr old thinks they're all great & worth every penny.
Great app. So fun, I love making the ice cream and getting the squabbles .
We absolutely love all of the Squeebles games! Squeebles are one of the few educational apps I have found that I feel are actually worthwhile. The developers really got it right with this series! The game is tons of fun and has a great amount of math so that I actually assign it for schoolwork (we homeschool). It is customizable so that the child can work at the right level and be successful. Please keep developing more games!
This is really helping my son understand fractions - he's keen to play it seeing it as a challenging game as well as learning his maths.
I downloaded all the squeeble apps in the summer holidays because I was getting a little rusty on knowledge and now I'm back up to date right before school opens up this is great for making sure you don't forget you times tables, spelling, addition, subtraction and division and the apps all have collectables AND games so thats twice the fun! :)
My daughter (8yrs) loves them all. Well thought out, family friendly with lots of features. Developers are great to chat with as well. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Loved by both my daughters.
My daughter loves this app she has learned so much. will tell friends about it. Love this app a lot.