Squeebles Number Bonds

Squeebles Number Bonds

App Summary:

Practise number bonds to 10, 20, 50, 100 and 1000. Four unique, colourful game modes help your child to consolidate their core addition and subtraction skills. Build a number bond bridge across a river, balance a seesaw with numbered eggs, and race against the clock to match as many number pairs as possible in a sliding block game. A decimals mode also allows children to practise decimal number bonds to 1. The reward system features magical dragon eggs, 18 baby dragons and 28 Squeeble characters to collect, each with their own personality.


About This App

Squeebles Number Bonds helps primary school children build their core mental arithmetic skills by answering number bonds questions across a variety of game modes. The app features a motivating reward system where Squeebles characters can be won for answering questions correctly, along with dragon eggs that can be hatched to reveal baby dragons, once enough stars have been earned.

Why Number Bonds?

Number bonds can also be referred to as "number pairs" or "number families". A number bond is a pair of numbers that together make up a round number, such as 6 and 4 making 10; or 8 and 12 making 20. Working towards having an instant familiarity with these much-used number bonds is the basis for going on to work confidently with more complex or challenging maths problems involving larger numbers.

This app focuses on number bonds to 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000 and decimals to 1 that, in line with the UK National Curriculum, cover the different number bonds your child will be learning across their primary school years.

Game Modes

The app consists of four unique game modes with varying difficulty levels...

  • Balancing Act: Drag numbered eggs onto a seesaw to balance the addition or subtraction questions.
  • Number Smash: Select as many pairs of numbers as you can in the time limit, in an ever-changing grid of colourful sliding blocks.
  • River Crossing: Lay numbered tiles across a river to make a bridge. The first number on each newly laid tile must form a number bond with the last number of the previous tile.
  • Timed Quiz: Answer as many number bond questions as you can within a one or three minute time limit.

Reward System:
  • 28 Squeebles characters to win.
  • 18 dragon eggs to earn and hatch into baby dragons.
  • Each dragon egg can be hatched by sprinkling a different number of stars on it.
  • Stars are earned by answering questions correctly.
  • Each animated Squeeble and dragon has its own personality and unique stats.
  • 5 of the dragons within the app were designed by our competition winners.

Parent / Teacher Features:
  • A password-protected parent / teacher area allows adults to track progress and view stats for each child.
  • All progress is stored on the device, so no internet connection or child passwords are required.
  • Unlimited child accounts can be set up.
  • Overall stats and daily stats for each game can be viewed on a per-child basis, allowing you to get a clear idea of how each child is progressing over time.
  • Settings can be altered for each child, including the ability to lock certain number bonds, switch on or off the Open Dyslexic font, show or hide the countdown timer, and display text in UK or US English.

Child-friendly Features:

As with all our apps, Squeebles Number Bonds contains no in-app purchases, no subscription fees, no adverts and no links to the internet. 

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, you can e-mail us on info@keystagefun.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within 1 working day, often sooner.

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