A Handful of Entries for our Design a Rocket Competition

Here is just a handful of the amazing entries we recieved in our Design-a-Rocket competition - we were bowled over by the creativity and beautiful artwork! The winner and two runners up will each recieve an Amazon voucher and the graphics we've created based on their rockets will appear in our next app! 

The Magic Rocket
By Lacey, 8, Liberton Primary School

Oh, how we love this rocket! From the magical animal that snakes around the rocket window, to the different areas of colour and detail, we completely fell in love with Lacey's rocket design. We're so delighted to have this rocket appearing in our next app! We've changed the number Lacey gave it to 50, so that it will be the most valuable rocket it's possible to collect!

The Flin Flipper Rocket
By Zachary, aged 9

We all fell in love with Zachary's beautiful dolphin design the moment it arrived in our inbox. We know from experience that naming rockets can sometimes be as difficult as coming up with the design itself, so Zachary's rocket ticks both boxes here for brilliant artistry and a cracking name! We're so pleased that The Flin Flipper rocket will be appearing in our next app!

The Popcorn Rocket
By Harry, aged 9

In fresh, bright colours, Harry's rocket made us feel like we were being whisked back in time to a 1950s cinema. We think Harry's popcorn is the most realistic it's possible to draw with a felt-tip pen, so we're in awe of his artistic abilities. Thank you so much for allowing us to feature your work in our next app, Harry - we loved recreating your design! 

Corn-on-the-Cob Rocket
By Lilac

Having spent weeks thinking up rocket designs ourselves, we were delighted when this entry arrived in our inbox! Corn-on-the-Cob lends itself perfectly to the rocket shape, but it hadn't even occurred to us! What a wonderful idea, Lilac! 

The A-Lot-Going-On Rocket
By Kinan, aged 8

We adore this rocket and it was a close contender for winning! It has everything: skull & crossbones; a beautiful weeping face; pipes; spanners; tubes that shoot out interesting things; and a beady eye that's watching us! 

Colourburst Rocket
By Daniel, aged 8

Topped off with rainbow nose (we spent a while trying to decide what the technical term for the pointy bit of a rocket is!), Daniel's Rocket is bursting with a jigsaw of coloured shapes. We love it.  

Striped Rocket
By Mitch, aged 8

To us, this looked like studded metalwork on the outside of the rocket - very industrial and very likely to be capable of surviving in space! We love the creature inside, who has camouflaged himself to match his rocket.

Red Rocket Two
By Alexander, aged 11

We loved Alexander's car-themed rocket and can imagine it would travel up into the sky at an unprecedented speed! We're interested to know where Red Rocket One is and whether it's missing in action...either way, Red Rocket Two is a wonderful design. 

Checkerboard Rocket
By Samuel, aged 9

We're not exactly sure what species this checkerboarded creature is, but to us it looks very birdlike...possibly an exotic parrot. Thank you so much for sending us your wonderful design, Samuel. 

Union Jack Rocket
Bayley, aged 8

A truly patriotic rocket, we think this may be one to send to the British Space Programme as inspiration for future rocket designs! We love how cleverly you've worked the complicated flag design into the rocket template, Bayley - it's perfect!

Pointer Rocket
Hannah, aged 8

We were so taken with Hannah's rocket - the lower teeth and tongue poking out beneath the window of the space rocket is an inspired idea! And we love the expression in Pointer's eyes. A masterpiece! 


Blaster Rocket
Ignatius, aged 4

Ignatius is just four years old, but already is producing some of the most lovely colouring we've seen! Look at the colouring in the nose of the rocket - it's so precise! We love your design, Ignatius.

The Strawberry Rocket
Joshua, aged 10

We loved Joshua's strawberry design and this is evidence of great minds thinking alike, because we'd actually already designed a strawberry rocket ourselves. Watch out for your strawberry's twin in the finished game, Joshua! We love how juicy and sweet your rocket looks.

Bee Rocket
Natalya, aged 6

We love Natalya's beautiful bumble bee rocket, with its delicate wings! The stinger is cleverly worked into the launcher area and the bee's source of nectar is at the heart of the rocket, in the window! Such a carefully planned design, Natalya - thank you! 


From-the-Pantry Rocket
Philip, aged 4

We really loved Philip's design - it's the only entry we received that was 3D and broke away from conventional art materials! We're impressed, Philip! We'd be slightly worried that if a hungry Squeeble was sent into space with this one that they may start eating their own rocket! 

Dragon Rocket
By Ben, aged 9

A fire-breathing dragon! It's a beauty and we love the extra jaw Ben has created for him on the nose of the rocket. We've designed a few rocket dragons ourselves already, but none quite so lusciously green! We love the subtle markings on his face too - thank you, Ben! 

Stripy Rocket
By Gary, aged 8

Gary has given his rocket extra wing boosters and something that looks like spiky defenders that could offer protection if needed! We love the bright colours - purple and pink are such a good combination. 

Butterfly Rocket
By Jenna, aged 8

A butterfly! We hadn't thought of this ourselves, but of course the rocket shape lends itself perfectly for having wings attached to either side.  We love the butterfly's smiling face and perky antennae. What a beautiful design, Jenna. 

Pizza Rocket
By Kira, aged 8

Everyone who works at KeyStageFun is guilty of having a huge fondness for pizza, so we were delighted by Kira's cheese and tomato flavoured rocket! What a brilliant design. 

Rainbow Rocket
By Poppy, aged 10

Simple but effective, Poppy's rainbow rocket is a great idea, beautifully executed. Thank you so much for taking the time to colour for us, Poppy!  

Colourful Rocket
By Millie, aged 8

Another really colourful design, and with so much detail! We are big fans of pink and red as a colour combination, so we loved seeing it used to brilliant effect in Millie's rocket. A really thoughtful, cheery design. Thank you, Millie. 

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