At KeyStageFun we create apps for children, aged 5-11, that teachers can trust to be fun, motivational and safe learning environments.

  • Educational content can usually be tailored to each child, so that in a classroom of children with varying ability levels, none are left feeling demoralised or conversely, unchallenged, when using Squeebles apps.
  • Unlimited numbers of children can be registered in our Squeebles apps, so they're perfect for classroom use.
  • Learning is at the forefront: our apps contain fun, motivational mini-games, but they're integrated in such a way that children always have a reason to return to the educational aspect of the app - such as earning more game turns or to accrue reward points to use in the game.
  • We know that teachers often need to report back on children's progress, so we try to help by keeping you in touch with their learning. In most of our apps, progress stats for each child can be accessed in the Parent/Teacher Zone.
  • We want teachers to feel confident that their students are safe when they're using Squeebles apps. That's why our apps have no in-app purchases, no third party advertising and no direct links to the internet.
  • We maintain our apps: we regularly add new features, which can be downloaded free of charge by existing users. We love the feedback we get from parents, teachers and the children who use our apps and we try to incorporate as many of their suggestions as we can in our app updates.

Get in touch to access school-only features

  • If you'd like to trial one of our apps free-of-charge to see whether you might want to invest in buying more copies for your school:

    • Get in touch using your school email address
    • Tell us whether you're using an Apple or Android device.
    • Tell us which app you're interested in.
    • Please note - we offer each school a limit of trialling a maximum of two of our apps (one copy per app). Because we are limited to a certain number of download codes and they are for full versions of the apps, we can't offer one individual school a copy of every single app.
  • Our Squeebles Spelling app currently allows users to share any tests that they've created with up to ten other devices where the app is installed, but we're aware that may not be enough for teachers with a classroom of thirty or more children. Please get in touch using your school email address if you'd like that device limit increasing free of charge.

Our latest school-friendly innovation!

  • In its original form our Squeebles Spelling Test app allowed you to set up and create your own spelling tests. When a headteacher wrote to us and said that many of the spelling words set by teachers don't vary from school to school, we were enthusiastic to start offering pre-recorded spelling tests to save teachers some work!
  • By signing up for a free account, you can now download, free-of-charge, our pre-recorded KeyStageFun tests to any device where the Squeebles Spelling app is installed. We took advice from teachers to create lists that cover all the words that you're likely to be setting children, as well as word lists that fit in with the phonics method of learning.

We are listening to your requests - and we'd love to hear more of them!

  • We keep our stable of apps relatively small, so that we can spend the majority of time updating our existing apps to make them even more useful, packed with features and easy to use. Many of our updates come out of suggestions made by teachers and parents, so please get in touch if you have ideas.