Years 3 & 4, National Curriculum Words

This section contains 100 statutory words that children must be taught as part of the UK National Curriculum. The word lists below are all offered free-of-charge as pre-recorded tests, written and recorded in UK English, within our Squeebles Spelling Test app. Just download the app and then select any tests you'd like to use from within the Parent / Teacher Zone of the app. 

Key: Words with an asterisk (*) after them are set to be case sensitive in the test. Old Ref Code refers to now obsolete download codes that some of our older users may be familiar with - we've retained them here just in case they're helpful for reference, but new customers should ignore them. 

National Curriculum Words 1
Title: National Curriculum Words 1
Old Ref Code: SQ3-16
Words: actual, learn, group, heard, arrive, circle, often, build, eight, caught, centre, century, heart, breath, busy, early, continue, decide, island, minute

National Curriculum Words 2
Title: National Curriculum Words 2
Old Ref Code: SQ3-17
Words: difficult, earth, consider, enough, perhaps, address, guard, material, recent, guide, forward, fruit, though, notice, quarter, length, library, famous, describe, mention

National Curriculum Words 3
Title: National Curriculum Words 3
Old Ref Code: SQ3-18
Words: answer, appear, actually, extreme, February*, certain, height, history, imagine, increase, interest, important, accident, believe, strange, reign, various, possible, grammar

National Curriculum Words 4
Title: National Curriculum Words 4
Old Ref Code: SQ3-19
Words: woman, women, promise, therefore, opposite, ordinary, perhaps, pressure, particular, calendar, popular, position, possess, possession, purpose, potatoes, different, exercise, regular, complete

National Curriculum Words 5
Title: National Curriculum Words 5
Old Ref Code: SQ3-20
Words: remember, sentence, separate, special, thought, weight, straight, favourite, strength, suppose, surprise, bicycle, business, medicine, natural, naughty, peculiar, occasion, occasionally, probably, knowledge, experiment, experience, question, disappear, important