Squeebles Phonics, Level 3

These UK English pre-recorded word lists (based on the government's original 'Letters and Sounds' programme) can be downloaded for use in our Squeebles Spelling Test app. Just download the app and then download any tests that you'd like to use from within the parent / teacher zone within the app.

Words with an asterisk (*) after them are set to be case sensitive in the test. Words in bold have an audio definition given within the test so that, for example, homophones, such as 'wood' and 'would', can be differentiated.

In the following test titles, 'C' refers to a consonant phoneme and 'V' refers to vowel phoneme. 
For example 'champ' is a CVCC word: ch-a-m-p. 'Joint' is also a CVCC word: j-oi-n-t. 'Crunch' is a CCVCC word: c-r-u-n-ch.
SQ3-78: CVCC Words 1
Title: CVCC Words 1
Download Code: SQ3-78
Words: went, hunt, tent, dent, damp, camp, limp, pump, lamp, link, bank, sink, bunk, husk, tusk, help, gulp, milk, sulk, self, fact
SQ3-79: CVCC Words 2
Title: CVCC Words 2
Download Code: SQ3-79
Words: just, nest, best, lost, cost, gift, tuft, lift, soft, band, wind, land, pond, belt, felt, tilt, kept, wept, next, text, hold, gold, held

SQ3-80: CVCC Words 3
Title: CVCC Words 3
Download Code: SQ3-80
Words: champ, chimp, thump, chest, chunk, think, thank, shift, theft, shelf
SQ3-81: CVCC Words 4
Title: CVCC Words 4
Download Code: SQ3-81
Words: tenth, sixth, bench, punch, burnt, joint, boost, paint, roast, beast
SQ3-82: CCVC Words
Title: CCVC Words
Download Code: SQ3-82
Words: from, frog, step, stop, plan, plum, grab, grip, flag, glad, twin, spin, swim, clap, drop, trip
SQ3-83: CCVCC Words 
Title: CCVCC Words 
Download Code: SQ3-83
Words: stand, spend, brand, blend, trust, crust, frost, twist, glint, stunt, cramp, plump, stamp, crisp

SQ3-84: CVCC and CCVCC Words
Title: CVCC and CCVCC
Download Code: SQ3-84
Words: drift, drank, swept, slept, skunk, scalp, think, thank, blank, blink, prank, print, grunt, grand,
SQ3-85: CCVCC, CCCVC and CCCVCC Words 
Title: CCVCC, CCCVC and CCCVCC Words
Download Code: SQ3-85
Words: crunch, drench, shrink, shrimp, spring, sprang, sprint, strong, string, trench
SQ3-86: Polysyllabic Words
Title: Polysyllabic Words
Download Code: SQ3-86
Words: children, sandpit, windmill, softest, pondweed, desktop, helper, handstand, melting, seventh, shampoo, shelter, lunchbox, sandwich, champion, shelving, thundering, treetop, paintbrush, pumpkin
* - case sensitive in the test.
bold - audio definition of word given in test
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