Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I have a problem with one of your apps! What should I do?

We're really sorry you're struggling with something. Please get in touch with us at: and we'll do our best to help you. Please be as specific as you can with any enquiries. We can help you a lot quicker if you tell us which app you a referring to, and what type of device or app store you are using. If you have a problem with any of our apps, a screenshot or specific error message is helpful.

One of your apps is asking me for a passcode to access the parent / teacher area. What is it?

You can use the override passcode, which will be automatically sent to you if you e-mail us on

Once logged in, you can then reset or remove the existing code. A passcode can only be set via the parent / teacher area and is stored on your device. It isn't linked to your e-mail address or app store account in any way. If you don't remember setting one, somebody else must have done whilst using the app. We can't tell you the override here or it wouldn't be secret!!!

Do you have a YouTube Channel with tutorials on?

Yes. You can find it at

What is Squeebles Connect?

Early in 2023 we launched the first of a new series of Squeebles apps, Squeebles Times Tables Connect. Later in the year, we'll release Squeebles Spelling Connect.

These apps save all progress to the cloud, so children can sign in on any device to play, whilst you can sign in on your device to see how they're getting on and to set homework or assignments for them.

These apps are subscription-based, with different subscription bands covering different numbers of children. This means schools and tutors can buy the app and their students can download it without having to pay for it.

I have a question about your spelling app...

We have a completely dedicated set of FAQ's for our Squeebles Spelling Test app, which can be found here. They cover subjects like sharing tests between devices, logging into your KeyStageFun account, internet connection issues and plenty more.

I bought your app on one device and I'd like it on all my devices without having to pay for it again. Is that possible?

Okay - this is a slightly more complex question that it seems like it should be, so bear with us. Here are the key facts:

  • Our new series of Connect apps (starting with Squeebles Times Tables Connect, in early 2023) can be installed on as many devices as you like at no extra cost above your original subscription cost.
  • We sell our remaining apps (those released pre-2023) via the various app stores (in our case the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon).
  • Apple's App Store sells apps that will only work on official Apple devices running the iOS operating system (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). You cannot install an Apple app on an Android device.
  • Google Play and Amazon's App Store both sell Android apps, that work on devices running the Android operating system. You cannot install an app from either of these stores on an Apple device.
  • Each of the app stores allows you to share purchased apps between multiple devices that are supported by their app store in two ways:

    • Method 1: sign in with the same app store account you used when you bought the original copy of the app and you should be able to download it again without charge. Either search for the app whilst logged in or view your previous purchases.
    • Method 2: Family Sharing (Apple), Family Library (Google Play) and Household (Amazon) allow you to share purchases with a small number of other people using the same store to buy content, whilst only having to pay for it once.
  • What you can't do is download a "free" copy of an app from one of these stores when you bought the original from one of their competitors. We (the developer) completely appreciate it's frustrating to have to pay for the same thing twice, but there is nothing we can do about this - it's just how the app stores work and neither us or any other developer has any control over it. It's the same with music, movies, tv shows and so on.
  • If it helps to think of it in terms of physical products, if you bought your favourite album on CD from one record store, you would still have to pay again if you wanted a vinyl copy of the album from another record store. Same songs, but different formats and different stores. And if you don't know what vinyl is, you're obviously a lot younger than us!!! We'll start talking about audio cassettes in minute... or VHS tapes...

I have a question about what data of mine you store and how you store it...

The GDPR legislation the EU introduced in May 2018 has led to a lot more people asking about what data is held about them and how it is stored. We've updated our privacy policy to contain the key information, but in short, we don't collect any information when you buy our apps (that is done via the various app stores and your customer data stays with them). If you sign up to either our newsletter or for a KeyStageFun account, we will store some basic details so we can either contact you (newsletter) or so you can access features of our apps that require an account. This data is stored securely and passwords are encrypted to industry standards. If you want us to delete your account at any time, you are very welcome to request that by e-mailing

I am having a problem installing / buying one of your apps...

If you are having an issue during the purchase or installation process, please contact the store you are purchasing the app from and ask their advice. This isn't us passing the buck - we quite simply cannot look into it for you as we have no access to your store account or customer details. They are all stored with whichever store you are using. This is the same for music, movies and so on. If you have a general question, or you don't get the answers you need from the relevant store, let us know and we'll do our best to advise you.

Do your apps run on Chromebook or Windows PC?

For our Squeebles Times Tables Connect app, yes. You can run the online version of that app on any Windows or Chromebook computer with a reasonably up to date web browser. You will however need to sign up for the originally subscription via either the iOS or Android version of the app, because we can't yet take online web payments ourselves (hopefully this will change in the future).

For any apps we released prior to 2023, the answer is largely yes for Chromebook and no for Windows...

As of 2017, some Chromebook devices allow you to run Android apps. We didn't develop our apps originally for Chromebook, so we can't make any promises about how they run. Most people seem to have no problems, but there are no guarantees from us at this stage as to how they'll work on Chromebook.

None of our apps are available for Windows and that isn't likely to change in the near future. We did release Squeebles Times Tables 2 for Windows at one point, but supporting all the different versions of Windows setups people had proved to not be feasible, so we've removed that from release.

Can I share my child's progress between devices?

Again - yes for our newest app, Squeebles Times Tables Connect.

For any of the apps we released prior to 2023, no. All the data associated with those particular apps is stored on the device the app is being used on. Our older apps were made so they could be used offline, when no internet connection is available, so we don't rely on an online storage system for data.

Our Squeebles Spelling Test app does allow you to share spelling tests (including audio) between devices though. See this page for more details.

I have a great idea for improving one of your apps. Will you consider it?

Please let us know if there is anything you think we could improve on. A lot of the additions we've made to our apps are a direct result of feedback from the teachers, parents and children who use our apps. We can't promise we'll include your suggestion, but if we think it's a practical one, we probably will.

Will you include my child's Squeeble design in one of your apps?

We regularly run competitions where we ask children to design characters for our apps, so keep an eye out for those.

In general, we don't include designs that are sent to us at other times as it wouldn't be practical to do so, but we will always try and upload any designs to our website if we can.

Remember that any Squeeble designs we include anywhere on our website or in our apps need to be free from references to other brands or children's television or video game characters etc. Also remember that all Squeebles are vegetarian.

Can I work for you?

In general, we don't take on staff through unsolicited direct contact or via recruitment consultants. If we are looking for anyone, we will advertise directly.

The only exception is that we are sometimes looking for qualified teachers or private tutors working in the 5 - 11 age bands to work with us on an ad-hoc freelance basis either in app testing or consultancy roles. Please e-mail if you are interested. We are a small, family run business and have no plans to take on any more permanent staff at present.

Are you looking to use any external companies for your SEO / marketing / graphic design / programming work?

We're not looking to outsource any of our work and only work with local companies we know well.

We ask that businesses please do not send us unsolicited messages offering their services. We will definitely not use a company who approaches us in this way.